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    Sir Terry goes BANG

    RIP. Ledge.
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    The "Who's ruining the Cork Hurlers thread?" thread

    The "Who's ruining the Cork Hurlers thread?" thread Should be as big as the the mother thread within weeks.
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    Website designer wanted

    I need a website designed for a small start-up engineering company, simple, professional, 3-4 pages. I have a bit of money put aside for this but not a fortune. If there's any designers out there at a loose end, PM me for details. Steve.
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    Irish Proxy?

    Anyone know a good irish proxy service so that I can watch RTE from the UK? Have given up on trying to get an Irish sky box, way too much hassle. Thanks.
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    Conor McNamara - BBC5

    Some gimp this fella. He was on BBC this morning and someone asked him who the greatest gaelic footballer of all time was. "Mick Mackey or someone like that", he said. Asked who the greatest hurler of all time was, "D.J something-or-other" was his answer. This fella's an Irish sports...
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    Hurling in the UK (midlands)

    Alright lads/ ladies. What with everyone deserting the sinking ship at the moment I was hoping we might pick up a few hurlers/camógs and footballers in Birmingham for this season. If you're heading this way or know of anyone heading this way send me a message on here, I'd appreciate it...
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    Using Proxy servers.

    Alright tech folks? Was hoping you might be able to help here. having problems with using irish proxy servers to view GAA on Rte. When I go into LAN settings and enter the IP and Port address and apply the settings, then come out and reopen my browser I can't seem to connect to any sites. When...
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    Barry Ferguson/ McGregor.

    Anyone know the full story about this, Walter Smith's just been on Sky, reporters asking if they've been transfer listed, stripped of captaincy etc. Announcement due later. Surely this isn't for going on the lash while on international duty.
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    F***ing Dino's.

    Aer Lingus return flights for the Christmas like - £180 500 Euros - £530(WTF?!?) Dino's Blackpool running out of chips at half 10 - fuckin priceless. Was having visions going in the door of garlic and cheese only to be told it was onion rings or nothing. Gutted.:(
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    GAA- Club V County

    Just wondering has anyone an idea how we could resolve this major GAA problem with a bit of common sense. Granted, the inter county lads need a bit of time together before big games but I'd be of the opinion that a week would be enough IF it was standard across all counties, and no county could...
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    Cork Hurlers

    I think they're great... Discuss.;-)
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    What to do?

    Now that our interest in the (inter county) GAA is over, and bandwaggoning, although fun sometimes can never properly fill the gap, how do I go about lifting this haze of depression off myself? Could dust off the Everton shirt but have a feeling this could leave me even closer to the brink this...
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    Congrats Cooney

    Christy Cooney from Cork will take over from FATHEAD BRENNAN next year, great news for the county.
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    Anyone feel that? Nearly knocked my tea.
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    Anything Decent on Thursday night??

    Alright folks, Have a couple of buddies down in Cork Thursday night, don't want them going home doubting that Cork is at the centre of the universe. I fear that without proper guidance I may well bring them somewhere like Reardons (gasp!). Any advice welcome, they'd be into their dancy stuff...
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    What a feeble ending to the 2nd series. Gutted.
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    Buying a new car in 2 weeks, can't make my mind up. Choices are 1. BMW 318ci 2. Mini Cooper S (Bit gay but having driven one, excellent car) 3. Audi S3 Don't know much about the Audi but have always liked them. Anyone have anything bad or good to say about any of the above?
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    Cannavaro's Mobile Number??

    Does anyone have a number for him, I know a guy whose obviously mad about the lad but a bit on the shy side. Any replies to
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    Ronaldinho me bollix!

    Kilbane didn't even get a look in. Shockin. Or Traore for that matter. Your nominations for distinctly average player of the year please.