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    Gardaí investigate daylight sexual assault on grounds o The world has gone mad... Imagine heading up to Knock to say a few prayers and you get jumped on and raped?
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    we need this in cork
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    Ban on new coffee shops in Cork About time too... enough of these pompass millennium types with their coffee on the go and sunglasses!
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    Guys and Blow jobs

    would straight guys take bj's off a gay guy? if no one found out like? just wondering
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    Victoria Hotel being converted into retail units An absolute disgrace! Another part of Corks history being rubbed out!
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    Cork busker Allie Sherlock signs with US record label

    Brat. another flash in the pan
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    New iPhone X

    €1000 a pop... all for emojis that respond to facial recognition software. I don't think so. Ill stick with my old school nokia. Does the job.
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    12.5 gms tobacco no longer available

    PANICK.... I only had 7 euro left so I tried buying a box of amber leaf in a petrol store today only to be told, 'there was a new law imposed as of today that half pouches of tobacco are no longer available in Ireland!!!!' Were they having a laugh or is this true? and who's bright spark idea...
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    Just got FIRED!

    Worst case of unfair dismissal ever. I got fired cos I didnt go in to hand out dumb as flyers on the street about 7 weeks ago!!!!! It was lashing rain and my exam results were due out that morning and there was a problem with them that made me have other priorities than handing out dumb flyers...
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    Ode to Mr.Mister - Classic Lines

    Oh he'll be missed desperate around here! I rememeber once having a discussion over some Irish Primary school books and he kept telling me it was Tine Cnamh. I said: No... It was Buail liom! Mr.Mister: Ill give You Buail Liom!
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    annoying workmates

    This idiot beside me brought in noodles and is now slurpping them away in his cubicle beside me!!! Some people!
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    Just like to spill my 2 cents worth on this... Well I know Ive been on here before complaining and being worried about finding someone. That hasnt changed... I keep seem to be kissing the toads! But after u break up with someone, and u get over the anger, the upset and the disappointment...
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    Im getting a loada Chanel stuff this weekend to get rid of those wrinkles on my forehead and around the eyes! That Clinique stuff I was told is like paint stripper... Any one any tips on this stuff?
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    Citi in Trouble - even more

    Did yee see they sold off one of their assets, or went into dual ownership? And now all the investors, just after one day are pulling out all their money and the shares have plummetted again?? How could a bank that was once standing as the number one bank in the world continue to make such...
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    Valentines Day

    Ok... Im usually a bah humbug type for this day of the year but thats usually cos ive always been single for it and jealous as fuck! But this year its different. So should you get something and what should u get someone if you're a new couple and havent been dating that long?
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    The Sales - Stupid People!

    This pisses me off! People who queue up all night long waiting for a sale! The doors open and they all go running in like its return of the famine or something! FFS!!!!! Snatching things off the shelves and buying away to beat the band.
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    Disney Movies

    Anyone else addicted to these? They're great. Especially the old ones. Watching Fox and the Hound now.
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    Decorations Up?

    All up and ready to go! Will turn em on next weekend! Tis real classy like.
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    Stupid Things People Say

    This does my nut! "De boyfriend an meself" "Da girlfriend's in Spain on her holl-days" ? Why? Its a person... him / her. Not 'The'. Allllerrrrrrrrgiccc!