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    Wuhan Wheeze

    As long as they don't bring back a lockdown again
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    How many fucking Pride weekends are there?

    Its a whole month of it I think.. not just a weekend anymore
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    Cork city has gone to the dogs.

    Getting more like Dublin it seems. Tip to anyone coming here planning on using the luas… get one of those leap cards don't use the machine with cash cos they will come at you like flies to s**t for a few euro
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    Ireland finally reaches population level same as pre famine

    Oh to win the lotto and just flake off to some remote island somewhere away from all this madness.
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    Your Mental Health

    sorry to here that corks Finest.. that's sounds horrendous. RIP
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    Your Mental Health

    Drink can be a demon!
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    Wuhan Wheeze

    Was convinced I had it yesterday. Chills then sweating, runny nose, sore scratchy throat, a cough and throwing up anything I ate or drank. Did a covid pcr test and it came back negative. There must be some other bug doing the rounds too... once its not that monkey pox... all I need.
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    median house price in Dublin now €403K. Lovely... I haven't a hope in hell of buying my own place anytime soon. Think its time to think of going abroad again
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    The Dunscombe fountain

    any pictures of said fountain? I vaguely remember one being there. Found one on the irishexaminer site..
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    Stuff that grinds your gears

    No I'm 42.
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    Stuff that grinds your gears

    A bit yeah.. and light headed. No mind for food.
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    Stuff that grinds your gears

    There must be some sort of bug doing the rounds for sure.. not feeling great myself this week... no appetite.
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    What TV Series Are You Watching Now?

    Yeah I binge watched both seasons at the weekend. Twas worth a watch. Give it a go.
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    What TV Series Are You Watching Now?

    Its a bit sci fi like... its basically about this family who go to live in an old house and the kids find a series of keys that connect them to other worlds and so on.
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    What TV Series Are You Watching Now?

    Locke and Key on Netflix. Not bad.. passed a bit of time over the weekend.
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    Wuhan Wheeze

    I thought this thread was after dying a death and crawling off under a rock somewhere.
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    Toilet Signage

    At least they've stopped the transsexuals competing in the womens athletics. What a joke.
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    Ryan Gosling.

    He looks stupid with that hair cut and the orange fake tan
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    Not heading anywhere this year. Waiting for the mad rush to pass. Maybe a few weekends away around Ireland somewhere. Its great that we can travel again after being locked in for so long. I don't blame people for wanting to get away.