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    50 lads... 50

    pRhOWrk5_NM No excuses.
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    The Planet

    We've fucked it. Greenland is melting so fast at the moment it added 0.5 mm GLOBALLY in one day. There are hundreds of forrest fires burning in the Arctic. Jair Bolsonaro is happily ignoring the destruction of The Amazon, which its confirmed is at the rate of a Manhattan Island a day and 2x...
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    Jornalist Shot Dead in Derry

    A MURDER INVESTIGATION has been launched after a journalist was killed in a shooting in Derry last night. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) have named the 29-year-old woman as Lyra McKee, who died after shots were fired in the Fanad Drive area of Creggan in Derry. Creggan was at...
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    Wtf is this real?

    Apparently from a squat protest in Cork by Conolly Youth Movement. Why did this require armed Gardai?! Are we going down the route they are in US where since they cost so much money and are idle anyway their SWAT units get called out for less and less serious incidents?
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    Pwnd! Russians Have Finally Lost It

    So Russians, go after Bellingcat and Elliott Higgins for saying (and presenting evidence) they shot down MH117 . Russians say it's all lies and they have evidence it's lies, Elliott asks them to put up or shut up... obviously as they can't provide evidence they didn't shoot it down (because they...
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    UFO vid released by DoD: Is This Not a Big Deal?

    I know I'll get ancient aliens guy in response to this and cats with tin foil hats but the declassification of this video is a bigger deal than most people realise/think: Fv_oCn0BR4I The background, this video shows an encounter between a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet and an unknown object. It was...
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    Weird names and other musings...

    Don't know why this entered my head but names that you'd feel weird saying in bed: Mildred, Agatha, Agnes, Maude Always thought it'd be a bit weird being with someone with your sisters name too, but know a few who have. Any experience of this?
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    Ireland's "Camino Wank"

    If ever there was a thread calling for a double entendre mimic...
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    Rattled, one would assume.

    So last week Shane Ross said the Judges should have a register of interests to avoid any conflicts of interest, he was attacked by Irish MSM and Cetre Right parties for 'grandstanding', 'ridiculous;, 'unnecessary step', 'our judges already swear an oath'. 'he should pay more attention to...
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    T'internet Down!

    But only in East Coast US... huge outage, wouldn't be surprised to see retaliation this time... Most resilient sites are porn sites, apparently many other sites could learn a lot from them!
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    Hateful man becomes woman who wants to rejoin hategroup

    Challenging prejudices, preconceptions and moving on... BY JOINING THE ORANGE ORDER. :lol:
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    One in 40 people in Dublin is a millionaire (excluding primary residence), so really a millionaire, there's close to 4.5 thousand homeless in Dublin, Gradaí and frontline staff are being paid as little as 23k, under EMERGENCY financial legislation, while at the same time claiming to have a GDP...
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    Some Good News!

    More than a year after it first took to the skies, a solar-powered plane has completed an epic around-the-world journey without burning a single drop of fuel. The revolutionary, single-seat Solar Impulse 2 touched down Tuesday morning in Abu Dhabi, at the same airport where it embarked back in...
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    Attack Prevented

    Looks like the French are catching up... dynamite would do serious damage :( A 23-year-old driver for a ride-hailing service was arrested after police found dynamite sticks and explosives in his flat and a picture of an ISIS flag on his phone. The driver was initially arrested in the...
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    Good news on TTIP

    That bloody stupid agreement that would make corporations richer while lowering our health and safety standards... looks like we get a chance to scupper it. And I f**king hope we do, if it gets that far, can you imagine US pharmaceutical companies suing EU countries for not allowing their ads...
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    Most people don't drink milk, it's bad for them
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    Call form North Korea

    So a friend of mine got a call yesterday: "Sorry Mr (Name), we are calling about your flight with (Name) to (Destination). Unfortunately the flight has been rescheduled. Bla bla bla, personal details, all sounded legit. Please call back." Friend calls back on the phone, hears what sounds...
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    Nuclear Plant Security Officer Killed and Card Stolen

    BELGIUM: Security official at a Nuclear plant 50km from #Brussels has been killed and his ID card stolen - @ladh Source:
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    Car explosion in o'connell street

    Timing couldn't have been worse for this guy but no one panicked. Hilarious though, really bad luck. Jb4conpvFyI I mean LOOK AT HIM: Amazed he wasn't attacked! God does have a sense of humour sometimes...
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    Fine Little Country We Have...