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    Steve Bruce sacked

    Didn't last long with the new owners , but now free to take the man utd job from club legend ole gunner when he's gets the bullet.
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    The masters 2018

    I do like the majors, always makes for great viewing on the Sunday if no one is running away with it. Gone with Justin Thomas to win @11s and and a sneaky each way on Matt kuchar @40s . Powers paying 7 places but only 1/5 Of The odds while Boyle's and ladbrokes both paying 6 places at 1/4 odds.
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    Fa cup 2018

    who needs it more man utd or spurs ? in fairness to mourinho he does win trophies and with the FA CUP now the only trophy left will he go all in as they wont lose out on top 4 ,same for spurs , top 4 should be guaranteed but they really do need to win a trophy .
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    Rip cyrille regis great player, watching his goals on line reminds me of watching motd back in the late 70s early 80s, the three degrees as they were called at wba , laurie cunningham, batson and regis changed the mindset of many people , rip.
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    Frankie De Boer goes bang

    After 4 games de Boer sacked by palace. 4 games Jaysus.
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    Justice has prevailed.
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    Fidget spinners .

    My daughter broke my heart to get one,sold out everywhere we went , eBay sorted it so now happy daughter 😊
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    Rip ugo ehiogu RIP .
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    Claudio ranieri sacked

    Breaking news . Poor fella wins them the league and then this.
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    Mike phelan sacked

    Just now on Ssn.
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    happy birthday dad.

    skybluebarry 70 today :bday: oldest poster on here i would imagine :)
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    daddy longlegs

    4 of them in my porch this morning , big fukers :(
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    Martinez gone from everton

    Just fired now. On Ssn.
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    the masters 2016

    went with ricky fowler who went into 12/1 in paddy powers , and a small ew on patrick reed @40/1 .
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    Gary neville sacked

    Fired today by Valencia.
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    fianna gael /fine fail

    both the same ,civil war is over so just merge and have one big party :confused:
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    anyone watch it ? 80min pilot online, i really enjoyed it , looking forward to the rest of it. High school teacher Jake Epping travels back in time to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy - but his mission is threatened by Lee Harvey...
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    Sheringham goes bang

    Sacked, always hated the fucker 😊
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    Pep to man city confirmed

    On Ssn now.
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