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    Cork Carnival of Science2022 It is on in Fitzgerald Park this weekend. I was at it today with the kids and it is amazing. Well worth a visit. Loads of different stuff there to entertain kids from 4/5 right up to adults...
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    Tidal pool in Cork

    Do any of ye know of a tidal pool in Cork. I thought there was one somewhere around Nohoval or Rocky bay, but I can't remember where it is. There is always the possibility that I dreamed this!
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    Vincent Hanley- Sex, lies and videotapes

    Documentary on RTE 1 now. Absolutely heartbreaking.
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    Accommodation in Derry

    Thinking of heading to Derry next Summer. Looking for acc recommendations. Not arsed about being in the city centre. We want to base ourselves somewhere in or near Derry and tour around from there. 2 adults, 2 kids - self catering preferably. Anyone got any recommendations?
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    Indiependence 2022

    First headliners announced today Bastille Fat Boy Slim Rudimental They are back at their site in Mitchelstown too.
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    Do you remember your first day of school?

    Just cos FB is full of back to school photos! Do any of ye have a clear memory of starting school? I don't, but my mam taught me and I had been to the school with her before starting anyway so it wasn't a new environment for me. There are also no photos of it, nor for any of my siblings...
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    I go to Sligo!

    Not sure if anyone even checks this forum anymore but anyway, we are heading to Sligo for a weekend shortly. What's worth doing in that part of the world? Will have 2 four olds with us, so no long hikes and precious little culture will be possible! We will head to Glencar waterfall and to...
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    Assessing adoptive parents

    Came across this article earlier Should BMI matter for a prospective adoptive parent? Should age, or marital status? I understand why BMI is a factor in IVF, as its a medical treatment, and anesthetic et is more dangerous if...
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    Cork Midsummer Festival 2021

    Programme out now. Doireann Ni Griofa's "A ghost in the throat" is an amazing book, id say the performance of it would be class. The blurb for "My connection is unstable" looks interesting. Not sure if anything else much grabs me at first look.
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    Happy Easter 🐰

    Have a good day lads. May it be full of sunshine and chocolate!
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    Gary Halpin RIP I knew Gary through my brothers. He was an absolute gentlemen, textbook gentle giant.
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    A very covid Christmas

    Not sure this is worth a separate thread, but I would get lost in the arguing of thd main covid thread. This Chrustmas is obviously going to be very strange, so I thought it might be an idea for people to throw up stuff that worked or didn't work for them Christmas wise this year. We brought...
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    A farmers market...

    In Ballyphehane Peak notions!
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    Sleeping bags

    A topic of which I know nothing. Recommendations for an inexpensive sleeping bag please. Budget of no more than €50. Hit me up, camping enthusiasts!
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    Kino gigs

    Just back from the John Prine tribute in the Kino. Really really impressed by the set up there. Good set up in terms of distance between tables, table service for drinks, staff all wearing visors. Just in case anyone is interested in heading to a gig but nervous about the set up.
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    Working post covid In light of changes in work practices with covid, what would your preference be in terms of work when things get back to " normal"? I will definitely keep some element of online counselling and online meetings as part...
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    Your opinion of your fellow citizens...

    As a result of the pandemic, do you view your fellow man more positively, less positively or about the same? For me, I have been very heartened by the coming together of communities, people helping out neighbours with shopping, putting toys on window ledges etc. What say you?
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    Mother's day

    Bit late in the day to be posting this, but better late than never. If any of you don't have a gift for your mam for mother's day maybe consider a voucher for a local business, or if you would normally take her for lunch consider buying her a restaurant voucher that ye can use when this thing...
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    Do you get a Christmas present for your spouse/partner?

    I was at a gathering yesterday and the talk turned to Christmas presents. I was amazed that the majority of the people there in long term relationships didn't get Christmas presents for their other half. Lots of them just agreed with their other half to get something for themselves and the...
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    A sad day for fishy...