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    Official 2020/21 Tokyo Olympics Thread

    Looking forward to that, plenty new disciplines
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    Premier League Hall of Fame

    Thierry #1, no debate here Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry have become the first players to be inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is a new award which recognises the...
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    Official Thursday Night CL 2020/21 Thread

    The Home of Real Football Real People Man United's 2nd home from early 2021 too Draw in 30 min or so Pot 1: Arsenal, Tottenham, Roma, Napoli, Benfica, Bayer Leverkusen, Villarreal, CSKA Moscow, Braga, Gent, PSV, Celtic Pot 2: Dinamo Zagreb, Sparta Prague, Slavia Prague, Ludogorets, Young...
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    Euros 2020 - Qualifiers

    Staying at the Shelbourne, was having a nice relaxing breakfast but the place is now swarmed by UEFA officials (mostly Italians) discussing today’s draw and also the possibility of starting a Europa League 2, the corrupt cunts are fecking loud too The Romanian lads were asking the Italian feens...
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    Kylian Mbappe - The Prince who'll become King

    When King Pele tweets you and says you have everything to surpass his achievements, you know it's time for your own PROC SF thread, hands down When king Pele ✔ @Pele · 14h If Kylian keeps equalling my records like this I may have to dust my boots off again... // Se o @KMbappe continuar a...
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    Ballon d'Or 2018

    Salah with a great chance to finally break that Ronaldo Messi duopoly....10 years since someone different than these 2 won it.... A CL win and a decent WC campaign should see him claim this award....Russia, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay...he'll probably have 3 to 5 goals in the group stage alone
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    The Official World Cup 2018 Thread

    Приве́т Peru make it 32 4 hats, with strong teams in hat 2 that should guarantee couple of nice clashes in the group stage.... a la group D from WC 2014 (Italy, England, Uruguay, Costa Rica) Draw takes place on Dec 1st Hat 1 : Russia, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland...
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    Official World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Thread

    Starting this weekend Russia obviously already qualified For Europe - 9 groups, 7 of 6 teams and 2 of 5. 1st of each group going through, 8 best runners up to move on to a play off phase Home & away ties then which will see 4 more teams going through 13 spots up for grabs
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    Euro 2016 - Top goal scorer

    Was chatting with a buddy at work, he asked me who i thought would be a decent player to back... Mueller came to mind first... I then thought of Morata, Giroud (based on the fact he scores in patches and he currently is on a very hot streak, France were gifted a decent draw and the Gunner is...
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    2016 CL Final - Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid

    5 days to go Hopefully an Atleti win
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    Official Wimbledon 2015

    Coming up very soon - starts a week later than usual this year Top coverage by BBC in perspective with up to 15 streams available and A-Rod will bring in his analysis skills (not that i've ever listened to him). Djoko is probably the hot favorite to win it and he'll try to get over his defeat...
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    The Official FIFA thread

    Good afternoon - I feel these thieving, corrupt, lying c*nts deserve an official thread as opposed to multiple small ones.
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    African & Asian Cup of Nations 2015

    Can't see a thread about these and since the interest level on here for these comps is more or less in-existent I'm bundling them , not that i'm mad about these tournaments but there usually are some half decent games... anyway, see the list of PL players that'll leg it...
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    The Nations League thread

    starts in 2018, meaningless friendlies, RIP well, kind of UEFA Nations League receives green light Published: Thursday 27 March 2014, 7.34CET Unanimously adopted by the 54 UEFA member associations, the UEFA...
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    UEFA Europa League 14-15

    Can't find one, thought Cloudy or one of the Spurs lads on here would have started one CL play off game awarded to the winner of the EL going forward draw imminent
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    Greatest Captains

    Just saw an ESPN tweet asking who the all time greatest captains are Doesn't have to be specifically football Club and international level Club: Puyol, Adams, Totti, Terry Country: Deschamps, Marquez, Casillas
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    Nations League

    starting in 2018 A "League of Nations" competition intended as a third major tournament for European countries after the World Cup and European Championship has been given the go-ahead by Uefa. The competition, which starts in September 2018...
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    The Cowards XI Thread

    So here you go - went a bit on a tangent in the SAS thread when discussing Shearer's sheer cowardice. Throw up names and XIs of players, managers who never had the courage to leave their comfort zones or chose to be big fish in a small pond. A player who did make a move to a bigger club but...
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    Official Euro 2016 qualifier thread

    One that's not specific to Ireland... Germany v Gibraltar in group D is a very balanced tie, really looking forward to that...
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    Leading producers of elite players in Europe's big 5

    Just came across this interesting