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    360 degrees of Jazz @ Bodega Cork

    Ahead of the Jazz Festival this weekend we put together a pretty cool video to give you an idea of what's coming up!
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    Cork Jazz Walks 2015

    Hey everybody! just a heads up for anybody heading out for the Jazz this weekend Full line up for free shows happening around the Cork Heritage Pubs here Headliners include... Hot 8 Brass Band - Friday & Saturday Night in Bodega shows kick off at 9ish nsyK9_iaCoA James Taylor Quartet -...
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    Big Daddy Can's Summer Mix Series 2014: Dawn

    Alright Bais! long time no chat! Summer mix series I've been doing for the past few years is back on the books, this time with a 2014 feel, here's the Dawn mix, check it out, it's smove
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    Nomad Presents: Quantic DJ Set Nomad EP3

    more info soon :D
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    Nomad Presents: Joker (Kapsize Records) Nomad EP2


After the success of Nomad Ep1 ft. Digital Mystikz the Nomad Crew are back with a bang, this time around with Dubstep DJ Joker. Thursday, 3rd January 2013 Nomad Event Management in conjunction with Bodega...
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    Nomad Presents Digital Mystikz 29th November Bodega

    Hey Lads, something a little bit different lined up for the end of the month!
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    Cork's greatest contribution to the world

    I personally favour spiced beef and tanora (not in the same dish) what do you think is Cork's greatest contribution?
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    Graffiti - Street art or Vandalism?

    Just finished a piece about street art in Cork for my blog basically covering some of the wicked street art around at the moment! what say you proccers?
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    printing a photo in A3 in town

    any where in town I can get a photo printed in A3? need it to be high quality!
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    good spot for a late lunch in cork?

    any suggestions?
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    what time do shops open?

    just realised what time it was and in my late night wonderings had a thought about what is open at this time, what time would convenience/coffee shops open in the morning? I often remember being in town around 7 am and being able to get a cuppa coffee, is this normal enough?
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    lane ways of Cork City

    has anyone else noticed that all the lane ways in the city are being gated? its a terrible shame!
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    Chernobyl - 25 years on!

    1:23am tonight is the 25th anniversary of the disaster what, if anything, have we learnt?
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    Best roll in the city?

    where is the best roll in town? feeling a little bit peckish
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    social housing - whats the craic?

    just wondering what the story is with rent etc? I grew up in a house owned by my parents luckily enough and never really thought about social housing! I now live in an area with lots of social housing and I often wonder what the main differences would be to living in a privately rented house?
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    lying on the census form

    anybody done it? I saw in a thread people talking about the religion question, it was proposed to me that I fill in my religion as Jedi - illegal?
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    the black plague

    I have contracted it, send a wreath...!
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    living and working in Canada

    any tips on how to go about it? whats the story with visas and that? a mate and I are considering heading over for a year!
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    your living situation?

    living with the rents? living solo? living with a load of weirdos?
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    CDJ 1000 problem

    gave a CDJ to someone on lend recently and the thing came back completely broken, the pitch fader was completely unresponsive as was the jog wheel and the screen is now blank it will play CDs but thats about all it does it is a mk2 any ideas as to how I could go about getting it repaired/who...