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    This Eddie Sheeran gig...

    Exceptionally embarrassing seeing a load of bag draggers getting worked up over a musician playing a huge gig in their city. I hate his music, but, it's great to see how many people he did make happy.
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    Tom Scott - The Shakey Bridge

    He says 'in the South of Ireland'. Nothing wrong with that.
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    Graham Linehan

    I checked her profile. She is cisphobic. Cisphobia is an irrational fear or hatred of straight people. Take of that what you will.
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    Fav classical sounds?

    Great to see Liam from One Direction doing well.
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    Non mask wearing scum

    Alright, that makes it so much worse.
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    Non mask wearing scum

    But.... you can still get COVID after the vaccine? Are you daft?
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    Cork street art

    Deservedly so, great piece, and is really striking when walking into south main street from Sullivan's Quay
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    Places that won't reopen

    how to eat wings, unlike all ye troglodytes
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    Places that won't reopen

    Well, your some sad cunt if you think they aren't tasty. you need to eat them with one hand and dislodge the cartilage at one end. the meat slides off the bone for a lovely morsel to demolish.
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    Cork city has gone to the dogs.

    The new age of Social Media is destroying us all. This shit happens everywhere, it just so happens we have more eyewitnesses than ever. Grow up ye pansies, if you can't stomach a bit of hardiness, your best put in the covers ye wet blankets ye.
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    Wuhan Wheeze

    They should do away with the trading times. Extremely outdated.
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    What has happened The Examiner?

    if you can't be bothered paying for the online examiner, stick in front of the URL, and you can still read the article.
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    Pubs reopening June 29th

    Nightlife in Cork is muck right now, fitting to 40 odd year old girlies and pan flute wino drinking. It's manky.
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    Wuhan Wheeze

    She tested negative twice. What's the problem?
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    Black Lives Matter pwnd by LAPD.

    He is completely right to stand by his beliefs. He isn't wrong either, he understands the viewpoint but that movement isn't helping. Who are these people who are hysterical over it? All of 2 people?
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    Rioting in Dublin Protest

    Few videos circulating through social media of the anti-lockdown protest. Guards wielding batons, swinging at protesters. However, It kicked off as one guy shot a firework directly at a guard.
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    Cork busker Allie Sherlock signs with US record label

    Just heard the Dads accent. Thick as they come! :lol:
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    Offie Closure Recommendation

    Due to the ongoing Pandemic, leading expert claims we should close off licences too. Thoughts?
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    work outings

    Where do people go for work outings? The usual pints and food is the only option in Cork? I like to hear peoples stories or recommendations.
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    Opening A donut shop

    thinking of opening a Donut shop at the moment. What are peoples thoughts?