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    Laptop or tablet ? General home use zoom etc

    Need an alternative to my desktop (and ipad) for general purposes- zoom / some ms office stuff / Netflix - - usual stuff Probably larger screen than an iPad Good speakers Possibly keyboard compatible Not sure about these chrome books - if they do the biz Obviously I want to spend only 2...
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    War declared with Scotland

    I can’t believe that I turn on proc to see nada about the war due to kick off any minute. This will make the cod wars look like a pillow fight.
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    Mayoral plebiscite

    Just watched a today tonight (whatever the current version is) item on this now. I would be pro elected mayor including a (temp) administration but this fig leaf of a first effort includes a package that will cost 250€k+ Why do we always end up with mad shit like that? I’m torn now... want to...
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    Stabbing in Carrigaline?

    Is there some form of melee going on this evening?
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    Threatening strikes earlier this year (like daffodils) Step up teachers, they are steeling your cloaks.
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    Brendan o connor

    On d’telly. Good show format First time I have seen yer man Niall Boylan (20% interesting 80% arsehole) Looks like a fish on steroids and talks like Freddy white after 40 major ....I know, comparisons are odious etc
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    I nearly cried There is humanity

    In the world. Not all bad or shallow news. There was a little piece there on the six one news about farmers in Kerry taking special needs people on to the farm to help out. The goodness and dignity shown by all was heartwarming in the extreme. That’s what life is all about. Just saying ...
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    Ripping up cobblestones in Galway. F F S

    Guy on George hook just there telling how we must do this. I'm assuming our learned colleagues are 'helping' a few scuts who have no responsibility for walking properly. He said also that it wasn't installed correctly first day, failed to elude to anyone fired for the contract or if the...
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    John delaney

    Sorry soccer heads. But this guy and that organisation. Says it all.
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    Site to watch /stream Munster match. Help!

    I know this has been asked before but I can't find it Pretty pplleeease
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    Irish navy picking up Africans in the med

    Good documentary just there on rte 1 Kudos to the crew, this is not an easy job. I would however think the whole thing is wrong in as much as it actually helps to create the crises. These people are fleeing shitty countries, Bringing their 'values' with them is unavoidable, so we need to...
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    Tons of cops on Douglas street

    Any idea of what's up? Didn't want to loiter too long. Fire brigade came through too. Tis all go!
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    Carpenter for kitchen units

    I need to get my doors and drawers replaced. Anyone care to mention a good person/firm for this ? mucho appreciado. I saw some other fella using the forum to find a dentist, so I said I'd give it a whirl. And, I couldn't do it myself. Furthermore ...getting doors and drawers replaced is...
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    Teachers schmeachers

    God save me from the bitter bleating of them. Oh the sense of entitlement. You'ld think you could cut a break from them when you leave school...but they're everywhere, from union reps who never met a bad teacher in their life, to property speculators, all the way to the Taoiseach.
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    VINCENT browne

    It's the first time that I feel I should use the c word but he's a miserable negative cynical cunt. There I said it. Actually his complete cynicism is sickening. He's a dirty ego pants (I've made up this title just for him)
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    Come on Georgia!

    You're on my mind
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    Gorse hill repo. Tv3

    Jaysus. Me gums bleed for the o'donnells. Feckin ejits and yer man gerry beads is a total shit stirrer
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    Muck Wallace won't pay

    And he (allegedly) didn't pay on the money taken from his staff for pensions, and he didn't pay his commercial loans ( that's our task apparently) does he even pay for his tee shirts?
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    Douglas teacher threatens a hunger strike

    Ffs. Shaming us on national media. With her plush million euro pension and more than occasional hloidays ( apologies to other teachers for having to roll out that old chestnut, but it's true) what kind of example is she setting?
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    Plastic sheeting on from the council water protestors

    Diarmuid o bumlicháin (or some such name) seems to have won the yellow jersey for being the first langer into the chamber