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    Leo - a safe pair of balls?

    he won't embarrass us like.
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    where is the big man?

    where is POL lads? it's a shadow of a forum without him.
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    which PROCer is least up for banter?

    noms, etc
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    Theresa May - a safe pair of tits?

    Well she's hardly The Baroness, but I can't see gove beating her. She's presentable and experienced. There's also a vague progressiveness about her that will appeal to centrists.
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    Who is the top PROC banter merchant?

    noms etc and we'll get a poll up.
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    European Security

    the financial shit will work itself out, let's be honest. what we need to be talking about is european security. russia have been the only major country to not want Britain to remain in the EU. their official line is "meh, we don't care", but putin is fucking delighted at all this, make no...
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    Irish legal system joke #23487293874 "One witness saw Liam Dowling (44) swing the Jack Russell dog overhead by its lead and smash it to the ground up to 30 times as he crossed a park area by...
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    Most detestable Irish Politician poll

    current or past. noms etc 1. alan shatter 2. jarry adams 3. mick wallace
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    Enda Kenny taoiseach riot watch

    According to some there will be riots on the street if enda is reelected as taoiseach. Let's keep all the info here with the aim of keeping folks safe. Advice on stockpiling food etc.
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    1450 new defence forces staff just what the country needs! money well spent imho.
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    Jordy vs Rors

    not a big golf head i have to say but this does capture the imagination. who's your boy? i'm firmly in the speith camp.
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    employment law

    Any proccers familiar with employment law? At what stage if any can you start firing people for repeated strike action?
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    soundest UK nation?

    i find the welsh to have the biggest chip on their shoulders, love the sound of their own voice even more than the scots. the scottish are an odious people, constantly wallowing in misery and with a deep contempt for irish people in particular. lacking the balls to make a go of it themselves...
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    Hilary Clinton declares war on Ireland
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    some amount of lefty guff on my facebook

    sickening tbh. any moderate comment gets flamed like bejaysus.