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    Jesus lads, 'tis looking like BREXIT!

    Someone once said: The world’s problem is not trying help the poor, but satisfying the rich.
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    Dublin... Is a fucking shithole

    That's probably a correct statement, so therefore the Irish authorities need to fight fire with fire. For example, catch all these scumbags, round them up, convict them and assign them some disgusting work (ie) cleaning toilets, cleaning streets and here's the the whole thing and...
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    The Queen stepping down?

    Definitely lined with somethin' seeing as it takes 8 military boyos to haul the thing around on their shoulders.
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    Redevolpment of Pairc Ui Chaoimh

    Wow. Just Wow. Mr. Arnold's tunnel vision is extreme here. His ridiculous conflating of totally separate issues (in reference to Ed Sheeran being facilitated ahead of the hurlers when he damn well knows it was the GAA who brought about that...
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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    Refs would not allow 'Next Score Wins' (and I don't blame them for their stance to be fair). This was brought up at nauseum during the debates about penalty shootouts. Imagine a situation where a contentious free is awarded by a ref and the free is converted. You are looking at another 'ref in...
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    SEAI heat and energy conservation sh*t show So glad I put this in. It’ll be put to a serious capacity test if we have a bad winter. It’ll be interesting to see my buy back in savings made. It’s been almost always topped out with the amazing...
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    The next Government

    He can turf tenants out who have no recourse and bring new/different ones in and Jack up the monthly rent. He can also keep any security deposit again without the tenant having any say.
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    The next Government

    He prob will. A clever stroke my mehole to stir the pot just before Leo takes the reigns.
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    The next Government

    Your faith in the robustness of our water infrastructure is extremely funny! Tell me again, what part of west cork has a hose pipe ban currently? That’s right, fellow corkonians. But it’s ‘shit you Jack I’m alright’ with you.
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    The next Government

    I said the policy approach seems sound. The councillor doesn’t sound the full bob though, I’ll give you that.
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    The next Government

    Not sure what your gripe is with this. The letter's structure is clearly designed to highlight the lack of services in the area to meet the needs of people. What happens if/when the waste water treatment facilities in the areas fail in the winter months and faeces starts shooting out of pipework...
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    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    Felt myself clenched throughout the action sequences to a point where I had to frustratingly tell myself to cop on as it was starting to ache, a movie hasn’t done that in a long time. A bit too cheesy in places but you kinda knew that going in so an 8/10 for me.
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    The next Government

    As the saying goes: When you're accustomed to privilege equality feels like oppression
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    The next Government

    No, our commission for energy regulation set the max prices that utility companies are allowed charge.
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    The Official Irish Rugby Thread 19/20.

    Well….we still need to see how long France can sustain. You must remember, we peaked in 2018 and shat the bed in 2019. The same thing could very well happen to France. They have a tough 2023 six nations ahead also. Let’s see what injuries they’ll pick after a gruelling 2022/2023 club season...