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    Oh yeah

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    FAO: Ginger norries.

    It can't be that great, m8, Langer dan was in Thailand for a few weeks and was on the proc every day fightin feens and disrespecting matlock. And he's a fairly handsome fucker like. With plenty of his daddy's wedge. What would a poor, plain enough fella find in Thailand? Youngfellas I...
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    One for the lads

    If a burd let you roide her on the first date would you go off her or would ya go back for more? Ladies, feel free to chip in ( Im sound like that)
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    Pointy can make death threats against other posters yet remain on the board? Pull your finger out admin. Not on, morally or legally.
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    An Exhibition of paintings by Laura Healy Opening Reception 7PM Friday, July 19 @Courtyard Gallery, Midleton Opening Times Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5.30pm.
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    Fat people

    Simply not liked. Discuss.
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    Ireland's Great

    Isnt it just, look outside boys and girls. What a marvellous day to be above ground. Gwan Ireland, fuck the begrudgigars!!!
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    Ammers training at fota

    Joe Cole looks sharp
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    Cork Motor Tax office

    shower of wankers? Discuss
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    Roddy Doyle.......not very funny

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    Blueprint, an exhibition of sea life sculptures in Italian marble, Irish limestone and bog-oak
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    Decco Ganley's public meeting in the Silversprings

    Whats the spacer up in arms about now?
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    Midleton Tag Rugby

    Game tonight if anyone fancies a run about. At the pitch from 6.30 Spare me the ususal drivel.....
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    It begins

    After a self imposed Exile LD is back. Its my new June resolution to be nice and civil to all so in the spirit of reconciliation I extend the INTERNET hand of friendship to all my followers, friends, INTERNET hardmen and trolls alike. Live long and prosper, etc, etc.... kjxSCAalsBE
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    The Bobs and HBoBs 'who'd win in a fight Thread.

    Ding ding, First bout: Wilfy Vs. Bitzer