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    What are you listening to right now???

    Pity there is not a 30 min extended version
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    I heard she was a bit of a milf and came to Ireland for a bit of wanderlust.
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    That's the one
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    New 30k renovation grant upto 50k if the house is a shambles wonder will it incentivise anyone.
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    Dr Ava

    Still don't know who she is.
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    He is dressed in red to support the bloody cause as well #I'l est period
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    Dr Ava

    "Dr. Ava"? Doesn't even sound professional.
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    Wasn't there some one from Manchester before who would beat all records there?
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    Tidal pool in Cork

    Never mind the haters Matlock would love to see you swimming.
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    What TV Series Are You Watching Now?

    Turned Korean on Netflix, The Penthouse, What happens to my family, Strangers from hell, all compulsive viewing after a few episodes
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    Cork roads

    I took that road once to avoid being brethalysed.
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    Myles o Grady to leave Musgrave

    Bertie Ahernesque bullshit look at Drumm living it up now.
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    General living standards

    Don't be so woke, are you one?