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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    Heard the same thing actually.
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    Cork Footballers

    Agree 100% , at least this year they were kicking it forward unlike the handpassing around in circles last couple of years before that.
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    Cork Footballers

    Christ , youd think Cleary would have a coach , unless one of Selectors is stepping up. Maybe hes waiting til Championship over.
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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    Wing back in Cork , but i think he might end up centre forward at some stage with the Barrs , noticed the first thing when hw gets the ball is looks for the goal which seem to me hes a forwards instinct. But what do I know.
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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    Great days hurling , first game was strange , thought the Barrs just did enough but were there for the taking. This game will stand to them. Ben O Connor is something else , just going into leaving cert year and down the pairc putting a performance like that against seasoned men . Unreal. Ethan...
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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    Disaster now if it goes off , looking forward to that in all , Jimmym go for a pint in Noelies 😉
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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    Its been a great championship so far , only bodes well for Cork hurling going forward. Anybody left now will think they have a great chance. Fair play to Newtown for getting this far. Tomorrow now will be another nail bighter id say. Got a ticket for it and looking forward to seeing the 4 teams...
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    Energy/inflation busting tips

    I told my one, to boil kettle once and put hot water on a flask to keep water hot instead of boiling it again. Kettle is a major drain for electricity.
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    PROC Cork Senior Hurling ’Name the Winners’ Competition 2022

    Glen , Barrs , Blackrock
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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    I would play all hurling group games off first , instead of starting a football round first.
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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    Douglas V Barrs in Quater finals now
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    What TV Series Are You Watching Now?

    Severence on Apple tv , just finished series 1 . Its out there but very watchable 7/10
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    The next Government

    It makes Leo and Mehole very weak after this.Government in trouble now with numbers , it could fall over budget. Interesting times now , I wonder will anybody else be shown their errors.
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    The Official Man Utd Thread - Part 3.

    Glazers In