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    Some thoughts on my travels

    the fairytale cobbled streets, the choking stenched of horse shit open carriages making for traffic jams, taxi drivers who rip off tourists and the disappointment in what I dreamt and the slap of reality, I could have used a vampire's bite or a ghost to shake me out of my disappointments...
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    American Horror Story: Hotel

    Anal sex by a creature wearing a steel piercing dildo, Lady Gaga dripping with blood, fantastic music, a man stuck inside a dead woman and the wonderful Katy Bates. That's just episode one. I'm hooked. Take me to Hotel Cortez.
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    The Beauty Of Fall

    I just returned from a Fall Foliage trip. Sitting in the Amtrak train, ten hours of pure natural beauty renewed my spirit. Passionate reds, orange and yellow trees blinded me with their rays of joy. Lake Placid with her shinning face, beavers building homes, fishermen waiting for their catch...
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    Please don't poke my eyes out and other shit.

    Being ill in another country sucks. I saw myself heroically going to meetings with a 40 degree fever. I am no hero. After 3 days of fever, coughing up strange colored mucus and sneezing out alien stuff from my nose, I went to see a doctor, an Indian man who smiled a lot especially when he shoved...
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    So Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman.....

    I guess his ex cut off his balls years ago. Getting to the crotch, I mean crutch of this story, why do celebs need to expose their sexually orientation? I don't care if you're in the closet, out of the closet or steaming your vagina . I don't care if you're becoming a man or woman. All I care...
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    A Question For Santa Claus.

    As I understand it, you only give presents to good children so where do the leftover presents go? Do you recycle them for next year?
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    For Fluent Speakers Of Irish

    I was reading about the lack of yes and no in the Irish Language. Can anyone explain why this came about? Is it a reflection on the inability to make a decision ? I'm sure there are other languages which do not possess vocabulary for yes and no but this struck me as odd.
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    Irish Geeps

    What happens when a forbidden love affair between a goat and a sheep happens behind the back of an Irish farmer? A geep is born. I'd like to hear some thoughts from our own proc goat.
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    How do you feel when you fail at something which is important? I undertook a challenge this year and failed big time. I tried to help a person who had a stroke regain some communicating skills. I knew she could not improve physically or mentally but I was hoping to be a miracle maker. I feel...
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    @ Matlock

    Don't tell me that your feelings are hurt by a bunch of keyboard idiots. Stop lurking and start posting. You're missed and I will apologise on behalf of the proc if anyone hurt your feelings.
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    Trophy Wives

    In response to the Age Gap thread and the marriage of Lee to a 25 year old: Trophy wives give men prestige along with smoking cohibas, Armani suits , a private plane and private chef and your own vineyard. Trophy wives look fine on your pumped up arm and give great head to your wilting member...
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    Just because.....

    Just because you have dumb tats, flash your nipples , twerk, clutch your crotch, show me your vagina stubble, wear weird clothes, shave part of your hair, lip synch, use drugs and booze, doesn't mean you are a good singer.
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    One hand Deb

    What I discovered when my right wrist had an operaton: I cannot slice bread so I'm forced to shove my fingers down the crust and pull off a piece. I've rediscovered what it was like to eat with my hand. My right hand has better aim when squeezing ketchup. Things fall out of my sandwich to the...
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    West Bank Part Two

    I have posted an album with photos I took. I'm sorry I haven't put them up sooner but I wanted to do some self censorship as not to get anyone in trouble. I'll be happy to answer any questions as best as I can.
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    My Trip To The West Bank Part One

    My guide to The West Bank was Ariel Shaul who has been part of the Israeli negotiating team since Rabin. The areas I visited are agricultural villages from Qasir to Modi'in Elite on the Israeli side and Kafin to Rentis on the Palestinian side. The checkpoints are user friendly so to speak. A...