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    Social media of the damned

    The dead will eventually outnumber the living on Facebook, according to a new study whose authors want us to think more about the importance of preserving our collective digital histories. The phenomenon could take place within the next 50 years, though will likely take longer, according to a...
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    Ned Beatty goes bang
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    Dublin canal Piracy

    Aaaaaar When is a boat not a boat? Anthony Hall built this from scratch to live in as his primary residence. Waterways Ireland says it's an "illegal construction" and has confiscated it. "I said I'd shoot my shot, build a boat and put it in [the canal]," says Anthony. Waterways...
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    Premier League 21/22

    Seeing as there's already discussion about next season.
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    Summer Transfers 2021 : Rumours and signings

    Talks of Martial to Chelsea. Werner and Martial next season is a tantalising prospect ; a striker who gets into good positions but can't finish and a good finisher who never gets into good positions. What a partnership it could be
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    Official Champions league 21/22 Thread

    Global sports update provider Live Score has won the rights to stream all 137 UEFA Champions League games free to air in Ireland via its App. The deal, which will run for the next three years, will commence at the start of next season and 104 matches will be exclusive to Live Score. The other...
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    Woy goes bang!!!

    Official. Crystal Palace confirm Roy Hodgson to step down as manager at the end of the season.
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    Turn the English Market into a toilet

    Sterling work from the City Council. Is there a functioning brain between the lot of them? Try to think of a worse location to put a public toilet... CORK City Council said there is “no one single solution to the provision of public toilet facilities” in the city as they consider an English...
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    Who is your guilty pleasure?

    Billy Joel
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    Chris Wilder goes bang.

    Thought they'd keep him in charge for next season tbh. According to talkSPORT, the Blades boss is now expected to leave his position today marking the end of an era...
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    Corruption aided by Irish defamation laws.

    Ireland’s defamation laws should be reviewed as they may suppress the ability of the media to expose corruption, the European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders has said. Mr Reynders is to raise the concerns in a virtual meeting with the Oireachtas European Affairs committee on Tuesday...
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    The Official Tennis Thread

    Kyrgios throws away a two set lead to Thiem at the Aus Open. Cheeky underarm serve as well.
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    Dogging officer for Cork

    EOIN ENGLISH An outreach worker is set to visit some of Cork’s public sex cruising spots to offer sexual health advice and supports. Recruitment is now underway for the HSE-funded ‘public sex environment outreach worker’ role with the Sexual Health Centre in Cork city. Dr Martin Davoren...
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    Kino goes BANG! TUE, 02 FEB, 2021 - 11:38 DES O’DRISCOLL Cork's live music scene has been dealt a blow with the announcement that the Kino will no longer operate as a venue. Promoter duo the Good Room – also behind Live at Luke's on the...
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    Frank Lampard goes bang!

    Frank goes bang! According to the Telegraph