The Women, We Will Rise

Cork Arts Theatre, Carroll's Quay

Fri 08 Jul 2022 (note: this event has already taken place)
Show only: €10/ Lunch and Show: € 13

The Women, We Will Rise

Performed by Karan Casey

Directed by Sophie Motley

A singer and writer of ballads, lays, ancient love songs and searing versions of social justice songs, Karan Casey has been blazing a trail for over 25 years.

A great story teller and lover of a good yarn, she has toured the world building a deep rapport with her audience connecting via Ireland’s past but crucially repositioning women and the songs in a universal and a modern setting. Karan has been striking out lately to explore new areas of performance on the piano and with spoken word and theatre, and is delighted to be collaborating with acclaimed director, Sophie Motley, on The Women, We Will Rise.

This new project progresses the female narrative in the folk tradition, placing women centre stage and sharing through song the experiences of gallant women from Ireland's past, whilst singing into being a vision for the women of the future. This performance at CAT offers audiences a sneak peek at this exciting new project and collaboration which will culminate in full scale production in 2023.


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