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Stephen Dunne: Shackled To Belligerent Ghosts

Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St.

Thu 16 May - Fri 05 Jun 2020

Triskel Gallery Space

Stephen Dunne’s work operates across the registers of painting, drawing and moving image. He produces his work in a spontaneous manner and attempts to draw upon the unconscious as source material. His new exhibition, Shackled to Belligerent Ghosts, will open in the Gallery Space at Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, on Thursday 4 April 2019.

Dunne said, “For me, the challenge is in finding the most potent collisions and contradictions within the work. To draw out tensions in the editing process and to build a framework of suggestion that allows the most open space for the viewer. I believe that through this process hybrid ideas can emerge that are greater than something I can come up with on my own. An attempt to escape my limitations and to expand the possibilities inherent in the work.”

The process of making, where each thing leads to the next through an experimental and intuitive approach is at the core of this work.

A graduate of the

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Venue Info

Triskel Arts Centre

Tobin Street, Cork (off South Main Street)
+353 (021) 4272022

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