Redz, Liberty St., Cork

Wed 17 Dec 2003 (note: this event has already taken place)

After 3 sell out gigs earlier this year soulsmash moves to the Redroom for one night only. This time round DJ Ed hosts a nostalgia night upstairs playing all those tunes you're happy to remember or would rather forget from your old school days... remember "penny sweets" "joe bloggs jeans" "ask her friend for me" "naff jackets " "bushing in the fields" " my friend likes your friend"...then you get the gist.

Downstairs DJ Bling & "The Itchy Trigger Finger Niggaz" celebrate all things hip-hop. Billed as a battle between East Coast v West Coast... with the ultimate rap off on the night when Jesus & santa go head to head on the microphone.

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