Ribbon Of Light

Blackwater Valley Makers Arts Centre

Wed 25 Nov - Sun 29 Nov 2020 (this event has already taken place)

‘Ribbon of Light’ is an exhibition of paintings, mixed media, poetry and silhouette art. The work by Co. Waterford artists Corina Duyn and Anna Moore is inspired by their journeys of discovery, and rediscovery of everyday life in response to long-term serious illness.

Their art has been an essential component in coming to terms with this experience and finding a sense of well-being. Creative practice keeps both artists hopeful and focused, and helps them make sense of a new reality.

At the early stage of her illness, Anna created a visual and written diary. Over the years these preliminary sketches and doodles were developed into mixed media art pieces and became a metaphor for how she gathered herself when her life was “in ribbons”. A selection of these works are on show in the exhibition.

Corina’s life irrevocably changed 22 years ago due to the onset of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). Finding solace in keeping a diary to understand her new life became the catalyst to her art and led to the publication of several

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