Peoples Republic Of Cork

Jinx Lennon & Wasps V Humans

Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St.

Sat 09 Nov 2019

A double header of punk artists LIVE at Fred Zeppelins.

Wasps V Humans,

Following the publication of two novels, including the recent release of 'Evel America', Punk poet, Wasps vs Humans (WvH) releases his brand new single, 'Ugly America' on October 31. Known for his commentary based style, it comes to no surprise WvH's response to the current political and social landscape is reflected in this track. With references to global warming, joke presidents, celebrities, capital punishment and 'gun control', 'Ugly America' is an immediate audio assault with its punk style vocal rant and layered rhythmic backdrop of drums, and percussion.

Jinx Lennon

Jinx Lennon brings his whole bag of fears,beliefs,observations,inspirations,and hope and throws it out into the audience to uplift them and inspire them on tightrope of raw energy sound ,awkward and real in its intensity.Brought up on glam rock ,rebel songs Jinx Lennon is the result of too many factory jobs ,clueless education ,cigarette butt strewn snooker halls ,the jurassic park of big grey estates and brewries, football bores, and the purgatory graveyards of half arsed bands stuck in

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