Hypnotic Brass Ensemble with Special Guests Marcus Damascus & Ash Ari

Pavilion, 13 Careys Lane, Cork City

Fri 02 Jun 2023

Tickets available from eventbrite.ie

Music runs deep in the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Raised on the south side of Chicago, the band is made up of seven brothers, the sons of Jazz trumpeter Phil Cohran, who played with the deep spiritual Jazz group, Sun Ra Akestra. He trained them all to play their horns from childhood and instilled in them a profound sense of the spiritual roots of music. Each morning began with them all emptying their breath, producing a unified meditative tone. This music is very much as a transcendental practice. The cathartic energy of their live shows draws its raw power from this deep reserve, it is an authenticity that can‘t be faked.
In 1999 they took their music to the subway stations of Chicago and later relocated to New York where they played impromptu concerts in Prospect Park and on street corners, honing their polished sound with the grit and swagger of the Big Apple. Since the 2004 release of their debut album ‘Flipside’ they have become recognized as the world‘s leading brass ensemble and have

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