Get Carter (18)

Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St.

Thu 23 Jun 2022 (note: this event has already taken place)

111 mins - United Kingdom 1971 - Dir: Mike Hodges
Starring: Michael Caine, Ian Hendry and John Osborne

Legendary British star Sir Michael Caine is Jack Carter, the London gangland enforcer who returns to his hometown of Newcastle to avenge his brother’s untimely death. Rarely has the criminal underworld been so realistically portrayed than in this 1971 masterpiece. Shot on location, resulting in a devastatingly authentic snapshot of life in the north east of England in the late-industrial period, GET CARTER remains arguably the grittiest and greatest of all British crime films.

“Possibly Caine's finest hour in one of the grittiest, most suspense-filled crime dramas of all time” Empire