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Peoples Republic Of Cork

Footnotes with Bill Mango (Mango Discs/ Greissmuehle)

The Roundy, Castle St.

Sat 15 Jun 2019 (event has already taken place)

Footnotes are back at Plugd! It really has been too long.
And they have a super fruity special guest. Enter Bill Mango...

Host to Berlin’s popular club night Mango, Bill makes his first appearance in Cork Citeh. Having started out at Chalet Club "Official" he has since re-homed Mango at the worlds renowned Griessmuehle one of Berlin's most infamous clubs. Hosting the best selectors such as Eclair Fifi, Addison Groove, Tasker and many more...

"For a mind-blowing, humorous style, stands Bill Mango. With a skilful understatement, he presents House with a pinch of disco, with organic percussion, with jazzy freedoms and above all lots of ass shaking soul. A real insider tip, of which every set is pleasantly surprising." - George Clooney.

Venue Info

The Roundy

Castle St.
+353 (021) 4222202


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