Don Mescal

The Lobby, Union Quay

Fri 19 Dec 2003 (note: this event has already taken place)

Don is an accomplished guitarist, a powerful vocalist and immensely gifted ongwriter. Born and raised in Co. Limerick, he moved to London to create a wider audience for his work. Proud of his Irish heritage and unashamed to site the rich cultural background, which has a major influence on his life, the originality and individualism inherent in his musical styles, stubbornly refuses to fit comfortably into any obvious category.

His melodies are lilting and expertly combined with unique and haunting lyrics, weaving an intensely deep and emotional tapestry, mixed with a powerful and energetic delivery. Many of his songs have been recorded by artists such as Richie Havens(Paradise), Lulu (Time To Fall), and Frances Black (Magdelan Laundry).

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