Cork Cine Club: Return To Dust [China]

Cork College Of FET Douglas Street, Cork City, T12 DW32

Thu 23 Mar 2023

Cork Cine Club concludes Season 23 by presenting the Chinese film, Return to Dust, which has been banned from China's cinemas.


Return to Dust, a low-budget art-house Chinese film became a deeply unlikely commercial smash, topping the Chinese box office ahead of various blockbusters. But then there would also be the equally strange, far sadder tale of how it vanished from cinemas. Seemingly banned merely for spotlighting the hard lives of the rural poor, the sleeper hit appears a snapshot of an airless political climate — and a symbol of the vulnerability of art.

Two weeks after becoming the most popular movie in China, Return to Dust disappeared without warning from cinemas across the country. The streaming sites on which it had also been released no longer carried it, either.

No explanation was provided. Indeed, it has never been officially confirmed that the film was banned. But ever since it has remained impossible to see legally in China. – Financial Times

Humble, unassuming Ma and timid Cao have been cast off by their families and forced into an arranged

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