Peoples Republic Of Cork

Bongo Steve - End Of Exams Party

Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

Fri 14 Jun 2019 (event has already taken place)

Born out of Cork City, Ireland, Stephen Healy otherwise known as 'Bongo Steve' , is a fixture of Irelands forever changing nightlife scene and becoming a well known name amoungst the Irish electronic music scene. Steve has taken the Irish Electronic Dance scene by storm since he begun to fuse his Orchestral Percussion talents with his renowned DJ sets. Since the beginning of 2019, Steve has begun work on his new full live show which will move the DJ sets aside, bringing in live Electronic Marimba allowing him to perform the melodic sections of songs with drum sticks and of course, using his percussion talents to provide electric beats and baselines, all running into a master loop station.

2019 is going to be a huge year for the young artist, as Steve is set to release original music with his new live show!

His love for beats, forms the basis in which his unique live shows are created with a range of genres. Steve is very unique in his genre selection,

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Venue Info

Cyprus Avenue

Caroline St.
+353 (021) 4276165

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