Blurb Writing Tips


Aim for a well written description of your event or business, 60-100 words minimum, in plain English with punctuation and correct grammar.


Keep your blurb/description informative.
It should be at least 60 words long.
Spell out number one to nine, after that its 10-100 etc
For events, if there's music tell us what type of genres we can expect to hear.


Use quotes without crediting who wrote it.
Use quotes for the entire listing.
Repeat details (e.g. venue, times, admission for events) in the blurb as they are already included elsewhere on the submission form.
Use Americanisms – remember to not spell synthesiser with a ‘z’.


Use swear words
Type with the Caps Lock key on


Music events should contain the following:

Name/background of the singer/band/DJ.
Genre(s) of music<
Upcoming album release/ any big news coming up.


The first letter in the following take capitals letters:
The first word of a sentence or fragment
The name of a day or a month
The name of a language
A word expressing a connection with a place
The name of a nationality or an ethnic group
A proper name
The name of a historical period
The name of a holiday
A significant religious term
The first word, and each significant word, of a title
The first word of a direct quotation which is a sentence
A brand name
A Roman numeral

The Seven Deadly Sins!

Imagine you are a tourist looking to go to a gig in Cork and you have never heard of any venue or local band. Here are examples of a poorly written and a well written blurb.

Poorly Written Blurb

"These lads play great tunes, fast and slow, something for everybody, lots of FUN ;-). Come DOWN to “the bar”…..on THURSDAY 25th to see them…at 9pm. Bring your friends. Mighty Craic!! LOL! Admission €5…."

1. No indication what genre of music is to be expected
2. no information on the band or members
3. bad grammar & upper case SHOUTING
4. bad punctuation
5. text speak
6. pointless lines of dots
7. repeating details already entered in other fields.

Well Written Blurb

"Smothered in praise since the release of their acclaimed debut album ‘Good Prose’ this local jazz-funk trio will have you on your feet from the word go with Ronan Gardiner on guitar, Donal Murphy on drums and Jerry Kenny on bass. The group are currently favourites of Victor Prendeville on Radio FM and have been chosen to play the Cork Northwest Festival later this summer."

Blurb is concise and informative: no repeating venue, date, time admission etc.