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Atlas Of The Irish Revolution Exhibition

St. Peter's Cork

Fri 6 Dec - Tue 05 Jan 2021

New Exhibition documenting Atlas of the Irish Revolution opening in St. Peter’s Cork

A fascinating new exhibition opens at St Peter’s Cork on Thursday 16 May based on the best-selling and award-winning book Atlas of the Irish Revolution from Cork University Press.

The exhibition explores key moments in Irish history from 1913-1923, touching on history, geography, art history, sociology and archaeology.

A key feature of the exhibition will be a dedicated reading area where visitors can explore the 5kg / 1,000-page book which features more than 100 essays, 300 maps, and hundreds of images.

Visitors can also watch the RTE Cork produced documentary series ‘The Irish Revolution’ narrated by Cork actor Cillian Murphy.

The exhibition launches on Thursday May 16th and will continue in St. Peter's Cork until the end of 2019

Admission is free.

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