Cork Street Furniture Articles

Holes in the Ground & The Opercularist

The final installment from Cork's street furniture expert Tom Spalding...

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Alfred J. Hutson and the Burning of Cork

While the Brits burned down our city, another bunch of them tried to quench the flames. Leading them was Alfred J. Hutson...

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The Guns of Grand Parade

Tom Spalding continues to light up the city for readers with his facinating series on Cork street furniture...

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Temperence & Father Mathew

There was a time in Cork when the taps didnt produce the purest water in Ireland and citizens had to queue at fountains. Punch ups and schemozzles all over the shop....

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The Oldest Post Box in the World

More proof that our county was the craddle of civilisation. Cork street furniture expert Tom Spalding makes some startling discoveries...

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