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Default Home Sheep Home - Game rescue Lambs attractive for PC

Game Home sheep home - mini-games to play directly on the web for those who are bored and need a small game that less time and still relax. Three brothers sheep include: Shirley - a meaty oldest brother, Shawn - his sheep between tall and skinny, withTimmy - plump sheep and small youngest in one outing get lost. To go home, the three brothers have overcome many long winding roads and extremely difficult time, what is beyond the wall, is uphill, beyond the cliff, and even have to jump over the abyss.

Rescue simulation sheep directly from the animated film The intelligent famous sheep. Bring a specific content by the contribution of the most popular cartoon now, Rescue Lambs also gives gamers the exciting experience when the control arm of the sheep beyond danger. To follow up the success of the rescue sheep version today many games will release you and you add a new version of the perfect game to rescue the Lambs, with fun pictures playing simple but full of intellectual, fun will give players the relaxation attractions.

With ingenuity and his sensitivity, you must always quick, thinking to figure out the fastest way put the sheep lovely overcome obstacles on the way home safely. Small game just use the expertise of keys left - right - on - under the keypad, but on the whole is the mind you must always work to quickly put the sheep get rid of the obstacles - one thing not easy at all.

In traveling around the world, Shaun and the flock of sheep stranded in London. Still with 3 members familiar from the beginning, they will have to overcome many challenges in order to return home. In the game there are 3 main characters are three sheep Shirley, Shaun, Timmy every sheep will have a particular shape matching certain circumstances such as the UN heavy loads, high jump or squeeze through the narrow slit most important thing the players need to keep to the 3 sheep were safe return just lost a sheep will have to play again.

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Rescue the Lambs 3 has upgraded a lot of thinking as well as the difficulty in every monitor rescue of the Lambs 2 should not be easy to overcome all go with friends to play to find out many ideas can pass all 15 screens in the game quickly and achieve a high score.

Be calculated using the 3 sheep into suitable jobs to solve the difficulties of the individual screens. Use the arrow keys to move and space bar to jump.
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