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Old 29-03-2012, 05:00 PM
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Default Mutant Cabaret this Friday 30th

Our skills exchange is hosting it’s third Mutant Cabaret of the year this coming Friday. And we’ve got a great line up all hosted by the incomparable Tina Pisco. So whose up?

Well we’ll be kicking off with some wonderful Argentine Tango from the immensely talented Spanish guitarist Colin McLean accompanied by Holly on Violin.
Following some serious sweaty sexy dancing our resident Gifted Eccentrics will be on stage in the form of poet Tina Pisco and her sidekick harpist Anja Baaker.

Local band Chunky Planet will be following them and will be joined by honouree band member Mairead Kelly on Irish harp. And, if we’re lucky lead singer Carl Plover will don his Wasps vs Humans costume for some raving wordpunk.

Then for something completely different: great comedy from one of the rising stars on the comedy circuit, Aodhrua.

And last, but not least, we’re delighted to have Spekulativ Fiktion, an alternative hip-hop emcee and beatmaker, bringing up the rear with some energetic sounds before we all head off into the night.

We don’t charge. It’s free. Well, we hand around a donations bucket for the performers but that’s about it. Truth is we’re intent on producing a great night for our audience and a new night for Cork City.

We want to breathe new life into a limp dog and don’t want to fleece you while we do it. So if you’re looking for something different from your average, usual, banal, dull friday night then we’re the gig for you.

Tomorrow. In Cork. At The Roundy. Doors open at 9pm and we’ll be kicking off round 10pm.
mutantspace.com gives you free practical skills for your independent arts projects and events, runs its own DIY arts festival and publishes an arts blog
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