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Old 25-07-2012, 09:57 AM
Darragh K H Darragh K H is offline
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Default Korg MicroKorg €250

Selling my Microkorg. I don't have the microphone but never thought it sounded great anyway, I got far more success plugging in a dynamic mic (even the cheapest one I could find).

It's a great keyboard and is in perfect working order. There are a few tiny marks on the wood.

Meet the Synthesizer that Changed Everything!

In the summer of 2002, Korg unleashed the compact and portable microKORG Synthesizer / Vocoder. More than just another synthesizer, the microKORG virtual analog synthesizer opened a new avenue for music-making. Combining mini-keys, battery power, a simple-to-use interface, and phenomenal sound, all at an attractive price, microKORG made the synthesizer available to every musician. Bass players, singers, guitarists, producers, DJs, horn players, all flocked to add the professional sounds of the microKORG synthesizer to their instrument arsenal.

One of the top-selling synthesizers in the world every year since its release, microKORG remains the champion of Korg’s successful microSERIES: the microKORG XL, microSAMPLER, microPIANO, microSTATION, and microARRANGER.

microKORG Highlights:
37 mini-keys with velocity sensing

4-Voice Analog Modeling synth engine

128 completely editable presets

5 Assignable, tweak-able, realtime edit knobs

8-Band Vocoder with gooseneck mic

Unique Formant Hold and Formant Shift Vocoder features

Interactive arpeggiator with selectable steps

External audio processing

3 Effects: Chorus/Flanger, Phaser, and Ensemble

3 Delay Modes plus a 2-Band EQ

High-visibility LED display and indicators

Illuminated buttons

Retro-styling with solid wood endblocks

Pitch Bend & Modulation wheels

Battery-powered portability
With the microKORG analog modeling synthesizer, hardware matters. The built-in vocoder and selectable-step arpeggiator add a new dimension to performing and recording without the need to master new technologies. External sounds can be processed by the microKORG’s filter and more. With dedicated knobs and an index to the sound-editing parameters available on the front panel, microKORG allows each player to go as deep into the sound engine as desired. But for many musicians, just choosing the sounds from the convenient categories provides instant satisfaction.
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