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Old 28-03-2019, 09:31 AM
Beamish Beamish is offline
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Default Designpop cork 19


Design POP festival in Cork city have announced the homegrown food and design talent for this year's festival.
Ireland’s first food and design festival, Design POP, will be taking place from May 17th to 19th across Cork city. The festival joins six designers with six food producers to create bespoke installations that will pop up all across the city. The aim is to create a free food and design trail for all.

Emmet Place
Shane O’Driscoll X
Banana Melon

Cornmarket Street
Alex Pentex X
Anna Applebee Cakes

Bishop Lucey Park
Conor Merriman X SOMA

Meitheal Design X
Oh My Goodness

Elizabeth Fort
Fíor Studios X
All Full Up

Nano Nagle Park
JCA Architects X Good Day Deli

Looks like a few food stalls over a weekend.

Not sure if it merits 'festival' status?
Food hub anyone?

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Old 28-03-2019, 11:13 AM
Perry_Mace_On Perry_Mace_On is offline
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Better than nattin', though!
[Hurricane Sterling;6573519] i bought a magizine with Hulk Hogan in his jocks posing covered in body oil on the cover. Nowhere else sold these mags except Easons at the time.
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Old 03-05-2019, 09:09 AM
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Old 14-05-2019, 04:41 PM
collapsedfaceman collapsedfaceman is offline
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Got themselves a nice big space on My Curtain Street, Victorian quarter boulevarde.
Doing it up at the moment
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Old 14-05-2019, 05:34 PM
Coach and Six Coach and Six is offline
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I've no beef with anyone putting stuff on like this if they think there's an audience for it.

Looks like the most privilleged, middle class festival possible.

Where are the festivals for sucks?

How about an English football jersey and tracksuit festival sponsored by Ladbrokes, Bulmers and Benson & Hedges? It could take place in Cork's historic Farranree quarter with fringe events in Churchfield and Guarranabraher.

There could be a competition to see who has the loudest smokers cough, the biggest cancerous tumour and the biggest debt to a bookies. "Talks" from John o'Donovan, Ken O'Flynn, and your man from Forrest Ireland up in Gurran.

All it needs is a bit of hype and spin from PJ and the Cara Magazine sausage and it's a banker.

Give the peeple what they want!!
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