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Old 18-04-2010, 02:54 PM
Jim Comic Jim Comic is offline
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Default 08 honda civic

friend of mine is looking for one, where best might she get one:

merlin car auctions? somewhere else?
Cork..... statio bene fida hipsters

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Old 30-04-2010, 02:47 PM
alusia alusia is offline
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Default 08 honda civic

My daughters 07 Civic EX has the stock Bridgestone tires and at 22,000 miles they make way to much noise and need replacing due to wear. Ive always heard good things about Honda but in no way would I trade my FEH for the ride, tire wear, noise, and MPG for a Honda. My daughter is using my 05 FEH because of the room needed for her two babies in car seats.

Can anyone recommend the best all around tire for the 07 Civic EX?

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Old 02-05-2010, 10:13 AM
poulgorm poulgorm is offline
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Most car manufacturers, put low profile tyres on their top spec models - like the EX Civic. They are a disaster on most cars. The effects are:

a) they make the car far too stiff: the suspension on roads (other than motorways) transmits every bump up through your backside
b) they wear out quickly
c) the handling of the car goes to shit on less than perfect surfaces
d) they are noisy
e) a puncture often means a new tyre: if you don't stop immediately, the rim will cut through the side wall of the tyre.

If you change the wheels and get conventional tyres, you will transform your daughter's Civic.

Just be careful what wheel / tyre combination you get: the speedometer will not read correctly, if you do not get it right.

Well worth doing, expensive, but the results are worth it: cheaper than changing the car and makes it much more pleasant (and safer) to drive.

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