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Old 22-04-2014, 09:02 AM
Frankenchrist Frankenchrist is offline
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Default Mark Mulcahy-2 Cork shows

Cork Heritage Pubs Presents

A weekend of blues, country, soul, post-punk, primitive rock 'n' roll, groove & orchestral pop

(A Bandicoot Production)


Date: Mon 5th May 2014
Venue: Sin E, Cork city, Ireland


Price: Free adm
Starts: 5pm

Date: Mon 5th May 2014
Venue: Crane Lane Theatre, Cork city, Ireland


Price: Free adm
Doors: 8.30pm
Ph 021 4278487

Mark Mulcahy is the former singer of Miracle Legion, an American rock band of the late 80s, early 90s who were signed to Rough Trade Records. Following the demise of the band, Mark's solo career began with "Fathering", an album that received universal praise.

From there followed albums "Smilesunset" and "In Pursuit Of Your Happiness", several tours of the UK and Europe, countless radio sessions and huge critical acclaim for both his songwriting prowess and his remarkable voice. In 2008, he put everything on hold to look after his children following the tragic death of his wife. To assist him through these troubled times many of his long-time fans in the music industry banded together to record an album of his songs as a tribute to his wife and the result was 2009's "Ciao My Shining Star", featuring the likes of Michael Stipe, Thom Yorke, Frank Black, Mercury Rev, Dinosaur Jr and The National.

Fire Records were proud to announce the signing of celebrated American singer-songwriter Mark Mulcahy for his eagerly anticipated forthcoming album, entitled "Dear Mark J Mulcahy I Love You" in 2013. Recorded with Henning Ohlenbusch in Northampton, Massachusetts, the album was mixed by Grammy-winning producer Paul Q. Kolderie (Radiohead, The Pixies, Hole, Morphine, Uncle Tupelo, Warren Zevon and Dinosaur Jr). The record was mastered by Mark’s longtime collaborator Myles Mangino. The album is 11 new songs and features a host of amazing musicians from the incredible Northampton music scene.






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Old 22-04-2014, 07:20 PM
din0saur din0saur is offline
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Hoping to attend both these shows!
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Old 10-07-2016, 08:12 AM
Jim Comic Jim Comic is online now
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Miracle legion live on bbc1 telly soon as part of the Andrew marr show
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Old 07-06-2019, 07:45 PM
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New album out today
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Old 07-06-2019, 11:24 PM
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I miss the Southern Gothic shows.
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