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Default Fragments Of Amy

Radio 4 Promotion Note


Week: 43 (tx 23rd-27th October 2006)
Time: 10.45 & 19.45


After the acclaimed series ‘Fractions of Zero’ (2002) and ‘The Final Sacrament’ (2004), Susan Lynch returns in the role of DI Sue Manson in a new 5-part detective thriller.

In ‘Fragments of Amy’, Manson has to juggle domestic commitments to her new baby, her visiting mother and her on-off relationship with Brian Torrey with the professional demands of locating missing heiress Amy Muggeridge. With the help of her police colleagues Phillips and Mags, as well as psychologist Dr.Fred Johnson, Manson follows the trail of a riddle-fixated kidnapper who is obsessed with twins …

A terrific cast includes Susan Lynch , Ron Cook (Thunderbirds), Gillian Kearney, Eddie Marsan (‘Vera Drake’, ’21 Grams’, ‘Gangster No.1’), Alexandra Mathie, Roger May, Rhashan Stone, Fuschia Sumner, Frances Tomelty and David Warner (Straw Dogs, The Omen, Titanic).

1. DI Sue Manson returns to her job at the Missing Persons Bureau after her maternity leave, feeling guilty about leaving her 4-month old daughter Izzy at home with her mother Noreen, who has travelled over from Belfast to stay for a few weeks. Manson is glad to get back to her MPB colleagues DI Phillips and DC Mags Langan. The first case on her desk is a missing persons report for Amy Muggeridge, 20-year old daughter of the late multi-millionaire Alistair Muggeridge, her Mercedes sports car found abandoned in a country lane.

Across town in the Muggeridge home in Kensington, Amy’s mother Leila receives a mysterious package in the post. After ringing home to check on Izzy, Manson rings Brian Torrey (CID detective and Izzy’s father from ‘The Final Sacrament’) to find out any more information on the Muggeridge case. He tells her that the family received a ransom note and strands of hair belonging to Amy. Manson talks with Leila and Amy’s identical twin sister Angela, and discovers that though the twins were very different they were also very close.

2. Izzy seems to have a bad cough, and while Manson frets her mother assures her that she will be all right and will keep an eye on her. At the MPB, all the team have so far is the ransom note, hair and a cd containing a mysterious riddle-like message that leads them to the Hunterian Museum. Manson finds out more about the sisters: Amy a stable personality, but Angela always in trouble with drugs and behavioural problems. She talks to Angela, who tells of her closeness to her sister, and is desperate to get her back, saying she can almost ‘feel’ her pain. With nothing else to go on Manson talks with her old mentor, psychologist Dr Fred Johnson about the special connection between twins.
3. Angela agrees to be hypnotised by Fred, in the hope that her connection with her twin will yield some information on Amy’s whereabouts. The kidnapper’s trail leads the police to a painting at the Tate Modern, where they find another cd and ‘fragment’ – this time a tooth.

4. The police are next led to the National Gallery, and an earring torn from the kidnapped girl. At home, Manson cannot avoid a long-overdue row with her mother; while under Dr.Fred’s hypnosis Angela retreats deep into a past memory that gives the police a vital clue to the kidnapper’s identity.

5. The hunt closes in on the kidnapper as the police find the key to the connection between the locations across London. They confront the culprit at a church south of the river, before finally rescuing Amy from a well on an East London estate. Manson returns home to the hope of closure, in both her relationship with her mother, and with Brian.

Bill Murphy from Cork made his radio drama debut with the highly successful Woman’s Hour thriller ‘Fractions of Zero’ (txm 2002, AI 7.2), followed by another Sue Manson thriller ‘The Final Sacrament’ (txm 2004, AI 7.3). Both series featured actors such as Susan Lynch, Philip Glenister, Clive Merrison and Des McAleer. Bill was the first winner of BBC Northern Ireland’s Tony Doyle Television Writers Bursary in 2001. He is also a published thriller writer with two titles, ‘Tin Kickers’ and ‘Fractions of Zero’. Most recently for Radio 4 he wrote an episode of ‘Baldi’ Series IV (txm 2005), and has two original dramas due to be broadcast on BBC7 at the end of 2006, ‘Vostok’ and ‘Hallows End’. Presently has three feature films in development – Voyage of the Antelope with Borderline Productions, Young Maximus with Irish film board and Stopover with commercials director Tom Merilion.

Lawrence Jackson’s credits for Radio 4 drama include three series of ‘Baldi’ starring David Threlfall, two series of ‘Ghost Stories’ by John Connolly, the Classic Serials ‘Barry Lyndon’ and ‘The Charterhouse of Parma’, and the Afternoon Plays ‘Carmilla’, ‘Bull Epic’ and ‘The Giant’s Cause …’.
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