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Old 30-09-2005, 09:39 AM
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Default Most Expensive Record ever sold.

This is from another forum,

the post is from Basement Phil. owner of Hardcores Best Record Label - Basement Records.

The original thread was about a Mint Dubplate of Pulp Fiction on Metalheads.
Back then the actual releases on Metalheads were not half as good as the rare mixes that used to do the circut on dub plate.

heres his thread, good read:

Hello everyone at Back to the Old Skool. My name is Basement Phil and i run and own Basement Records. I was also M.D of Vinyl Distribution until 1997 when i sold up. During my time at Vinyl i was responsible for manufacturing over a 100 of the scenes top labels and all of thier stock was pressed at EMI and mastered by Stuart (Copymasters/Metropolis) including the label METALHEADZ.
When Alex Reece's seminal classic Pulp Fiction was originally mastered and pressed on TP for the first time a mistake occurred, Stuart cut the original Dub Plate mix of Pulp Fiction championed by Fabio at Speed.
Only 5 Test Press were cut and three were destroyed, the only two copies in the world that exist are mine and Goldies copy and of course Fabios overplayed dub plate. The mix is tuffer than the released version a slightly different arrangement emphasising the Bass drops more and does not include all of the musical horn section at the end which appears on the released copy.

Iam currently clearing out my record room at home and have decided to sell this, i have an offer of £300 from a friend of a friend so if any of you wish to own a 100% genuine rarity contact us at Nu Urban Music.
We are also about to put up over 5000 genuine mint originals rave and hardcore tunes on our Nu Urban Website, first 500 going up in about a weeks time.


Basemnt Phil

Now onto the expensive record bit:

Hi everyone

thank you for all of your kind comments, i am a little overwhelmed...
I have got to get on with my work right now and will anwser a load of replies after 5.30pm.

I would love to do an question and anwser session ...just tell me when

Regards price of record, i collect Rare Grooves and Northern Soul and have laid out 100's of pounds for certain tunes. The rarest Northern 7" single went for £25,000....so maybe this rare record will one day command a small fortune.

As for an MP3, you need to hear the whole tune to realise all of the differences as if i just post the bits that are different you will not really be able to tell. It is also not in my rights to put out an MP3 of a tune that belongs to METALHEADZ, even a poor MP3 hope you understand, all i can say is this is a genuine story and a genuine record.

thanks to all the Basement fans i have such great memories from those incredible years...heh heh

£25,000 for a Rare Groove/Northern Soul record. Unreal.
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