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Old 21-05-2007, 02:17 PM
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Default Deviant - "Hammerings & Stammerings" available - For fans of Kid Koala, Battles,etc


Just dropped some copies of the DJ Deviant CD "Hammering & Stammerings" into Plug'd Records. Seriously, this is the best Irish schtuff I've heard in a long long time, its turntablist music - but not as we know it, Kirk. Compiled completely from scratches, records, effects and a loop station, Galway's numero uno scratch soldier finally delivers the goods on this home-produced and recorded shindig. Copies are super-limited, but can promptly pick it up for the measly fee of 6.99e in Plug'd, or if you're too slow to grab it before it sells out - holler at me via email or pm me and i'll sort you with a copy.

Deviant, the wrestling obsessed turntablist, has been a consistant face on the Irish scratch scene for years, as a finalist in both the DMC's and ITF's on numerous occasions. Originally a Kerry native, Deviant (for some crazy reason) decided to leave the confines of the Kingdom behind and set up shop in Galway City along with all the other crusties. It was here that his status as a true turntable maestro developed, as he formed the legendary Unphadablez crew and became the main reason that the Drum Bar in the GPO smelled of sweat on a Sunday morning. A couple of classic mixtapes and DMC competitions later, Deviant headed for the sunny shores of Brighton to buy a whole heap of cheap records, hang out with some of the UK's best scratch DJs and sell some chips to the kids. He's just back on Irish soil after a year long hiatus, so expect loads of new tricks to be pulled out of his considerably baggy sleeve over the next few months.

Check his myspace for more.....

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