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Old 11-12-2006, 12:16 PM
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Default Fabio and Doc Scott - Ticket Deal Available.....

Remedy Ticket Deal for Fabio and Doc Scott!
As you know from time to time, we do ticket deals for some shows and as its Christmas, we are doing a ticket deal for Fabio and Doc Scott.

The Gig is on Thursday Dec 28th in the Temple Bar Music Centre.

So here it is...

We have 100 Tickets to sell at the discounted price of 16.50e (plus 1e booking fee). Normally the tickets are 20e (plus 1e booking fee).

How to get the Tickets for 16.50e!
1. Email me (info@remedyireland. com) and say you want to be on the Fabio/Doc Scott Discounted tickets list.
2. On Friday (15th Dec) when I have all the names in, the list will be left in City Discs.
3. When you go into City Discs, just give the guys your name and tell them your in the Remedy Fabio/Doc Scott Discounted Ticket List. Then you can buy the tickets for 16.50e (plus 1e booking fee)

Conditions are as follows....
1. Tickets are only sold in 2's, i.e. you can’t buy 1 or 5 at the discounted rate.
2. The names for the list closes this Friday at midday! No exceptions!
3. You can buy the discounted tickets from City Discs only!!!!!
4. You gotta buy your tickets before Dec 24th. All tickets are back to 20e after.

If your friends wants to get the cheaper tickets, tell them to mail me!

Happy Christmas everyone,

Anthony Remedy

Upcoming Remedies:
?uestlove (The Roots / Okay Player) - Dec 19th
Fabio and Doc Scott - Dec 28th
Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser) - NYE Dec 31st
DJ Koze (Kompakt) + Damian Lazarus - Jan 27th
The Hacker – Feb 3rd 07
DJ Zinc – Feb 24th 07
Michael Mayer – March 2nd 07
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Old 11-12-2006, 03:42 PM
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now,thats what i call a line up
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