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Old 20-12-2005, 03:22 PM
Djivor Djivor is offline
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: cork
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Thumbs up Techno/ Electro hitting the spot hard in Youghal!

2POT promotions and ClubbingEurope.com
(A sharp spiritual kick to the head that changes your reality forever)
The Walter Raleigh Hotel, Youghal. Friday 23rd DEC

23rd December CLAYSOUL Debut Live show, Local duo John Burke & Warren Tivy are a Rock/Dance crossover act that has recieved much critical acclaim with recent releases including 'M-Violations', Hotpress magazine loved them and everyone that hears them loves them too!
Also appearing on the night will be international circus and night club act –
The Wobbly Circus, These two incredibly talented entertainers will be debuting there new ‘Glow-show’ and also Stilt walking their way around the Club!
Headlining the night will be resisident DJs – Ivor Sweeney & 2POT (Thomas Buckley)

Originally started as a charity event to aid relief efforts in famine stricken Niger,
Shockabuku has evolved into the must successful clubnight in Cork.

On the first night, 800euro was raised for charity 'Concern'. (see photo)
The crowd that attended and the management of the hotel was simply bowelled over by the quality of the acts and talent that was displayed,.
So much so that we the organisers were asked to repeat the spectical on a
regular basis.
Seizing on this opportunity we have decided that we will use this platform to
demonstrate the huge local talent in electronic music artists, making this east corks premire showcase club for modern electronica.


The second event was an even bigger success with over 420 people attending ,a great carnival atmosphere was achieved over the Holloween weekend with over 150 people in fancy dress. We decked the club out with ultraviolet decor and visuals and a state of the art sound system that truly raised the roof!

The 3rd night -Sat 19th NOV - SIC NIC - This DJ Producer from Dublin is currently
recording for F-COMM France, he debuted his latest electronic
creations and kept it truly funky with serious bass driven rythms. The crowd showed their appreciation of this guys unique music. It was his last Irish gig before stating his tour of Australia.

Fourth coming attractions:
Keeping the flavour aimed squarely at talent. We have lined up a number of
up-and-coming local , national and internationally renowned artists.

14th of January - ROWLAND THE BASTARD - UK International DJ and producer,
this guy plays worldwide and is a hugely respected name on the international techno music scene, he has appeared on MTV in 3 continents and is itching
to play to a Cork crowd. "the scene in the south of Ireland is making
waves... so let me at it!" (Stayupforever records, Bionic Orange, Cluster,
Infected Records) check out - www.rowlandthebastard.co.uk

More dates to be announced.

We would like to thank our generous Local sponsors –

The Cyberoom,
The Gourmet,
Yew Tree Design (formerly Jack O Patsy Pottery),
The Priory Restaurant,
Eco Toys

For any vinyl you need
just order it on www.clubbingeurope.com
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Old 21-12-2005, 09:32 AM
nothingfukall nothingfukall is offline
Join Date: Oct 2004
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best of luck with this, will be down on the 14 January for Rowland.
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Old 22-12-2005, 01:14 PM
barnsy barnsy is offline
Join Date: Nov 2005
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Default 2pot rules

2pot is the greatest man to ever get behind the decks. hes a musical genius with the lyrical talent of john lennon and the mixing ability of carl cox x 10. his night shocabuku will raise the roof before his tour of down under and i advise anyone with a musical bone in their body to get down to the walter in youghal to see this man before its too late. and for all the ladies out there hes got an ass like a sewing machine so be prepared it not just his tunes that are banging.
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Old 22-12-2005, 01:30 PM
2pot 2pot is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
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Thanks for the support i wouldnt be where i am with out my FANS
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Old 22-12-2005, 02:59 PM
Djivor Djivor is offline
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: cork
Posts: 142
Thumbs up Believe da hype!

Its the snowball effect with this club, we've just got a call from a guy who makes documentries for RTE and TNG coming down with a film crew, he's filming the club and is doing interviews tomorrow night and he filming Rowland the Bastard also,

Well now I'm off to rehersal in the club for Claysouls 1st live gig, and Wobbly Circus is showing me their new show, wonder what techno choons will mix with it?! ( ;

Happy Christmas also everybody in & on PROC from all from Clubbingeurope.com

For any vinyl you need
just order it on www.clubbingeurope.com
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