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Old 23-04-2014, 05:58 PM
Tony Angelino Tony Angelino is offline
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clueless moyes had to go
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Old 07-05-2014, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Evra View Post
Leigton Baines is 29 soon

and no RVP

no thanks would prefer Fabio to get more gametime

Fellaini would get in the United team alright but it's some step down from bidding on the likes of Fabregas.

I'd much prefer Fellaini to Baines, even though the former is a better player

Ultimately, if the right players are not gonna be bought, taking the hit and giving the younger guys a chance may work, but with a new manager and loads of frustration from fans this will be seen as bad initially

I'm sure loads of clubs bid low on players btw

and get bargains

Phil Neville, tim howard, Gibson and co to Everton

Rooney being bid for 20 million etc

it's the game
Originally Posted by Tommy L View Post
Why would Moyes want Baines when he's got Evra, Who looked brilliant on Saturday.

Imo he should be concentrating on Feillaini alone.

Going back to the game on Saturday what did ye see as noticeable changes in the playing style ?
Looked as if United were sitting very deep for alot of the first half.
You could see some of Everton's style of attacking in some of Uniteds forward play to Evra in particular bombing forward.

Must be a relief for Moyes to get the first game off his back, Allthough tbf he did manage to help Everton to win three nil at Swansea last season so relax a small bit lads.
Originally Posted by shez1987 View Post
Man Utd will obviously need to buy someone. That midfield of Valencia-Carrick-Cleverly-Giggs got the job done against Swansea on Saturday but wouldn't cut the mustard for a club with designs on winning a Champions League.

I rate Fellaini highly and think he would be a fine signing, as he has the versatility to play in a couple of different roles.

Signing Fellaini would be a start but they also need more from other players to take the burden off RVP's shoulders. Unlocking Kagawa's potential and a return to form for Valencia would make them contenders in Europe. Grand to be relying on Giggs's experience for a tough away game at Swansea but someone like Kagawa needs to be playing every week.
Originally Posted by DogTheLangerHunter View Post
I'd be grand with just Fellaini.
Originally Posted by Tommy L View Post
Your underestimating Feillaini big time here, He's far better than a Phil Jones or Anderson.

He's always looked to me as a player who could very easily manage to fit in with a top club.

The guys brings you a bit of needle aswell which honed well can be a good thing to have in your team.
Originally Posted by DogTheLangerHunter View Post
I think we need a decent box to box midfielder, or at least someone who'll break up play a bit and be the first line of attack in the 2/4 of the field. We have enough lovely passers. We need someone to impose their physicality.

Fellaini would be ideal.

Maybe another decent winger too.
Originally Posted by Tommy L View Post
Looking like it's done, A good signing for United if so.
Originally Posted by mayday View Post
I think Fellani is a great buy regardless of the price. Any club would be happy to have him.
Originally Posted by CORKBHOY View Post
Fellani a great signing for Man U. Bad business, terrible business even, but a handy player all the same. Not sure how this will affect Carrick's game but it'll be interesting to see.
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Old 26-12-2014, 11:05 AM
Philby Philby is offline
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Originally Posted by Philby View Post

Crerand backs singing trial

Manchester United legend Paddy Crerand has thrown his weight behind plans to introduce an Old Trafford singing section, an idea that will be trialled during Wednesday’s Champions League tie with Real Sociedad.

Up to 1,400 Reds will be housed in the south-east quadrant, formerly known as L Stand, where away fans are normally sat. It is hoped that the experiment will boost noise levels inside the stadium, replicating those generated by United’s away support.

It is an initiative that has been led by fans’ groups Reclaim United and Stretford End Flags, plus Reds songster Pete Boyle. It has also been backed by fanzines United We Stand and Red News, a collaboration that is collectively known as Fans United.

Writing in his United Review programme notes, Crerand supports the plan and explains why a boisterous atmosphere will boost performances on the pitch. And he should know, having worked at Old Trafford since 1963 as a player, assistant manager, pundit and commentator.

“It’s interesting that the club and the fans are trialling a singing section in the area where the away fans are usually making lots of noise,” Paddy writes. “It’s a great idea. We’ve got the best away fans in the country and if we can replicate that at Old Trafford it’ll be brilliant.

“So, hopefully we’ll get an even louder atmosphere than normal tonight. The more support the players get from the fans the bigger the lift it gives them, and three points would send us well on our way to making the last 16.”

Chelsea hop on board too...

Chelsea bid to liven up Stamford Bridge atmosphere with singing section in Shed End and designated fans to lead songs

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Old 04-02-2015, 05:45 PM
Philby Philby is offline
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double post
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Old 04-02-2015, 05:47 PM
Philby Philby is offline
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Louis charged by FA over his "everything was against us" rant after the first Cambridge match.
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Old 05-05-2016, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by KolaKubes View Post
Tevez is a headless chicken.

I dunno, you have four or five youngsters there with potential there in Anderson, Nani, Welbeck, Rafael and Gibson and they're on the bench.
Originally Posted by Lee Bushwacker View Post
I prefer fondling/squeezing her tits when I'm coming from behind tbphwy.
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Old 07-05-2016, 07:24 AM
mayday mayday is offline
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Originally Posted by Johnny Logan View Post
should park play more often?
i know this could be in the arsenal thread also but as i didnt see the game how did song do for charlton? im in a fantasy football team comp and hes a bargain price.

twisty fries?
Hi Peeps
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