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Old 23-10-2005, 09:52 AM
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Exclamation rich beem in the lead, TIGER WOODS MISSES ANOTHER CUT


alright he's not the most consistant fella on the pga tour, it even says that
Rich Beem and Mark Calcavecchia are soul mates of streaky golf, never knowing when their best golf will show up or how long it will last.
which in all fairness is true, but
he's won the kemper open and he beat tiger woods to clinch the pga championship in 2002.... but when he's hot boy he's hot, while poor oul tiger woods misses another cut, 2nd time this year, 3rd over all in his career which isint to bad, but he's after winning this tournament twice already soo missing the cut is not on.. also vijay singh missed the cut as well. but any way back to *sigh* rich beem* i think the guy is great, read his book and have great admiration for him. he really worked hard to get on the pga tour, some say it was fluke that he won the pga championship, but you could say that about john daly, daly had to wait another 3 years to win another tournament, alright it was the british open, but he had to slug it out for a while before he won another one, daly has the potential to win more tournaments, but he's nearly there. also rich beem was lived and worked in seattle for a while, (btw get the book bud, sweat and tees by alan spunick) brilliant book.

damn, getting carried away anyway beem was hot yesterday, after shooting a 9 under par for the day he's leading the tournament by one shot.... but this guy is on fire but so are a couple of others Mark Calcavecchia being one of them..... with many players still to complete thier rounds, cause of thunderstorms in orlando. 25 in allstill have to play any one within 5 shots of beem, have a shot of catching him, even the -14's have shot, that's *gulp* 20 players in all..... 8O sooo with the big boyos gone for the week. tiger will be at home in orlando sorting out his swing. vijay will be sorting out his putting cause it's still bloody shocking... the boys who are down the rankings ether money wise and points wise have a shot to gain some points... although beem is ok until 2007 cause he has his exception until then i think he's fairly low in the rankings...136 actually

also tiger woods won the money leading title but he doesnt care much 8O

and i quote

Since Singh missed the cut as well, Woods clinched the PGA Tour money title for the sixth time, ending Singh's two-year reign. "If money titles meant anything, I would play more tournaments," Woods said.
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