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Old 16-07-2017, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Coach and Six View Post
That's so pathetically wrong it's funny.

The Xenophobes can't decide whether they want immigrants to integrate with or stay out of the general population.

Half this country has Norman blood anyway. We're all Nth generation immigrants of some sort.

Do any of ye have facts about the number of kids of immigrants playing GAA? Or is it all just half notions and lazy made up stats?

My experience is that lots of kids in primary of foreign parents play GAA. And they're fucking good at it. If the next AI winning football Cork captain is called Abdullah or Aodhán it wouldn't bother me.
Good at it? Damn right they are.

And it isn't the kids fault that they woke up one day in "Bally where the hell is this mam".
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Old 16-07-2017, 07:07 PM
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Really nice video. Simple fact of the matter with regards with perceived lack of integration within the GAA, Is that their are other sports which foreigners are more familiar with them Gaelic Games. Half the reason why GAA is so popular abroad with expats is because when they go abroad, they don't join a local national sport, they join the one that is familiar.
Soccer is a universal game played all over the world. If I moved to Mongolia tomorrow, I'd probably bring my kids to the soccer club as opposed to some local game that involves players running around with sticks.
So, to get any foreign people playing GAA in Ireland, is a success...
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Old 16-07-2017, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by The High King View Post
Not the same at all m8. Plus let's not forget the association football clubs. Drawing parallels between Islamic immigration and the long history between us and our genetically identical neighbours is ridiculous.
Well no.

There was a degree of ghettoisation among the Irish communities that travelled to England. That was a huge factor in why so many GAA clubs were formed.
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