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Default Roland Appel on Eclectro

Stephen Quirke Oct Eclectro Mix (recorded live @ D.R.U.M CLUB Portland, Oregon)
Jamie Jones & Simon Baker - Kaskazi // Get Digital
Sebo K - Diva // Mobilee
Three Kings - Shake That Booty (Pal Joey Mix) // Coco Machete
Christian Burkhardt - Phey Boom // Oslo
Kerri Chandler - Pong (Ben Klock Mix) // Deeply Rooted
SIS - Can Bando // Cecille
Sklylark - Information (Manuel Tur Mix) // NRK
Spencer Parker - Chiho (Jerome Sydenham Mix) // Buzzin Fly
Plastique De Reve - Lost In The City // Death From Abroad
Eamon Harkin - Innit // Wurst
Cosmic Sandwich - Man In A Box (Daso Mix) // My Best Friend
Ben Klock - October // BPitch

Roland Appel Eclectro Radio Mix
Essenvee - Head Down (Ribside Mix) // Rebirth
Kuniyuki - Dear African Sky (Henrik Schwarz Mix) // Mule
Madioko N Rafika - Elleli (Kalabrese Mix) // Mo’Zik
Andres Garcia - No More Tears (Quarion Mix) // Connaisseur
Roland Appel - New Love (Tuff City Mix) // CDR
Voom Voom - Bounce (Deetron Mix) // Gstone
Morgan Geist - Detroit (C2 Mix) // Environ
Solomun vs Ost & Kjex - Federgewicht Dub // Diynamic
Afefe Iku - Mirror Dance // Yoruba

more mixes @ http://eclectroradio.info
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