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Default Neil Landstrumm - LIVE at EC // Thursday June 29th

Thanks to everyone who came along to last Thursday's Access All Areas. Great sets were played by all and we had more craic than Craig Charles on a Friday night. This Thursday we welcome back the Prince of Wonkiness Neil Landstrumm to Electric City for a set of raw electro - techno beats and bass heavy electronics made with boxes and machines rather than the customary laptop [ZZzzzzz]. Neil last played the club back in August when he delivered a energetic set of tough techno beats complete with pages upon pages of sheet notes that simply tore the roof off Traffic. This was arguably the best and most live set we have ever had play at Electric City - if you want to see how it's done right - then do not miss this night. Neil is one of the few true techno players left in the scene and has released myriad EP's & no less than five albums on several international electronic labels ranging from Peacefrog, Tresor, Sonic Groove Mosquito, Music Man to his own imprint Scandinavia. Neil has collaborated with fellow wonkers Cristian Vogel, Si Begg, Mike Fellows and Tobias Schmidt, the best know of which is Sugar Experiment Station. He is native to Scotland but has recently spent 6 years living in New York soaking up Brooklyn and Queen's best in lifestyle, culture and music.

The last twelve months has seen Neil at the head of a successful creative factory called Scandinavia producing and releasing music, motion graphics and television ads and a print-based clothes label. New and uncharted music territories are currently being navigated with new projects being released over the course of the year on a variety of labels. Neil has toured with his uncompromising live show relentlessly over 2006 in Europe, the UK and America and this year he has already made another trip to Japan and is returning to the US in Fall. His most recent bleeping release on Scandinavia was an ep of killer remixes of The Happy Mondays and Joy Division. Reworks that put Neil's stamp all over them, they were one of the freshest remixes we've heard all year. Listen to some recent live sets from Neil at http://www.littledetroit.net and http://www.delta-9.net Support comes from Test pin-up boy & Richie Hawtin's new best mate [we wonder why!?] Jay Galligan and EC Resident Simon Conway.

Scandinavia Shop:

On sale in the lobby of the club during the night will be exclusive limited edition vinyl, t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Check out www.scandinavianyc.com for a view of some of the click designs on offer. There will be a wide selection on the night but if there is something in particular you have mind in a certain size - let us know before Thursday and we'll make sure to have it in stock. There will also be a good selection of Neil's and others releases on the Scandinavia label if people want to grab it while they can. Once Scandinavia releases are sold out they are deleted so could be last chance on some of it. All for reasonable prices! If you are looking for a certain release - let us know and we'll get on to Neil to bring it over.

***PM for 8 euro concession entry.
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EC Ticket Bureau @ Selectah Records / www.tickets.ie

Friday August 25th - Electric Shock 4 at Temple Bar Music Centre

Green Velvet [Relief Records - Chicago]
Educution - Live [minimise.com]
Eddie Brennan [Electric City]

Doors 11PM / Tickets e20
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Electric City
Thursdays @ Traffic
54 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1
Supported by Tiger Beer - www.tigerbeer.ie
500ml bottles of Tiger - e4.50
Cocktails 2 for 1
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Forthcoming Guests:

Thursday July 27th - e10 / e8 members

Christian Smith [Tronic Records - Barcelona]
Niall Power [Electric Circus - Waterford]

Thursday August 10th - e12 / e10 members

Magda [m_nus.com - Berlin]
Donnacha Costello - LIVE [minimise.com]
Daniel McElligot [Test]
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