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Old 22-02-2011, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Eoin View Post
The swimsuit section could prove decisive.
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Old 23-02-2011, 03:34 PM
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Heres a mix from Conor Dunne, another member of the dublin invasion taking place sunday:


Giving My Love to You - Subway [Nuphonic]
If You Want It - Ecstasy, Pain and Passion (Detroit Beatdown Edit) [DG Edits]
Arpeggio Life - Putsch 79' [Clone]
East Village Hustle - Daniel Wang [Balihu]
Take Me Higher - Virgo [Rush Hour]
Striders World - Omar S [FXHE]
Tresspassers - Newworldaquarium (Redshape's Tresspassed Remix) [Delsin] *Vocal* Fuk Dat - Sagat (Fuk-a-pella) [FFRR]
El Juan - Russ Gabriel [We Play House]
I Follow You feat. Corrina Joseph - Leon(Italy) (Deetron remix) [Rebirth]
Wax 30003.A - WAX - [Hard Wax]
Dem Young Sconies - Moodymann [Decks Classics]
Spys (edit) - Roni Griffith [Disco Exotique]
Rough Side - DJ Kaos [Clone Loft Supreme Series]
Blood Into Dust - Redshape [Styrax Leaves]
Q1.1/1 - Basic Channel [Basic Channel]
Storm - Literon [Clone Basement Series]
Through Space - Appointment [Live Jam Records]
Ultra fine #2 - Omar S [FXHE]
Take Some Time Out - Arnold Jarvis (Basic Soul Unit Remix) [Creme Organization]
Like a Child - Junior Boys (Carl Craig remix) [Domino]
Kuma - Ame [Sonar Kollectiv]
Aerodimension - Ace [Live Jam Records]
Think Twice - The Detroit Experiment (Henrik Schwarz remix) [Juno]
3rd Movement - Soundstream [Soundstream]
Open Door - Losoul [Playhouse] *Vocal* Fuk Dat - Sagat (Fuk-a-pella)
Cheesecake - La Péna [La Péna]
Took Me All The Way Back - Theo Parrish [Sound Signature]
Filter King - 69 [Planet E]
Sensation - Ron Hardy [Trax/Rush Hour reissue]
Realistique - Kerrier District [Rephlex]
OAR003-B - Oni Ayhun [OAR]
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Old 27-02-2011, 01:12 PM
John H John H is offline
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Today, and what a fine day it is
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