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Old 03-02-2011, 04:04 PM
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Default Fri Feb 25th: Perc (live) + Smear at Kennedy's

Friday February 25th
The Underground @ Kennedy's, Westland Row, Dublin 2

Perc - Live (Perc Trax - London)
Smear (Forward Strategy Group - Glasgow)
Giles Armstrong (Electric City - Dublin)

Doors: 10.30pm
Admission: €10 before midnight / €12 after


This February 25th we shift from old skool to nu-skool, for our return to The Underground at Kennedy’s. It features two of our favourite techno producers of the moment, headed by English extraordinaire Perc and ably assisted by Glasgow and Leeds’ finest Smear!

Building up releases on labels like Drumcode, CLR, Kompakt and Ovum, is an impressive feat, but still doesn’t fully identify Ali Wells' standing in the techno world. Over the last few years particularly, Perc has entered grittier and more experimental territory than his peers, treading some old paths but discovering many new routes. Last year’s ‘BCG’ track on his ever-industrious Perc Trax label, perfectly emphasised modern techno’s best bits – stark industrial atmosphere, cavernous dub backbone and added live sequences, demonstrating the type of invention often lacking in the genre today. With forthcoming releases on the likes of Sonic Groove, and a debut album on Perc Trax also ready to drop, we couldn’t think of a better time to have Perc come and play live in Dublin.

Before even hearing music by an artist called ‘Smear’, it seems safe to assume that he/she/it isn’t making funky house. With a steady stream of releases that goes back five years, Smear's brutal yet atmospheric take on techno first came to most prominence via his involvement as one half of Forward Strategy Group (who incidentally have a new 12" on Perc Trax at the end of this month). Further appearances on labels like Zooloft, MNX and Singularity, have made the Scottish man’s intentions clearly known. Without much fuss or showboating, Smear has earned many followers, not least through his killer dj sets at Leeds’ flagship techno night ‘Detached’.

Giles Armstrong:
As the brains behind ‘Electric City’ – one of the few groundbreaking Irish club nights of recent years - Giles has also played his part as one of the country's most relevant djs, with his services being in constant demand over the last ten years. Recently invigorated by the advancement in digital dj-ing technology, Giles has ditched his 1210s for a pair of Fader Foxes and Traktor, and unlike many DJs who made this type of move, Giles is most definitely on an upward trajectory. Get in early to catch the big man play a big set.

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Old 03-02-2011, 04:38 PM
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smear is deadly
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Old 16-02-2011, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by thefacts View Post
smear is deadly
Nice one man, he is for sure.

Here are some sets from Perc, Smear and Giles:

Perc - Resident Advisor 237 dj set
Perc live set @ Colony_017, London (Jan 2011)
Perc live set @ Electrodes & Wires, Berlin

Smear dj mix - May 2009
Forward Strategy Group (Smear + Walker FSG) dj set @ Colony_015, London (Nov 2010)

Giles Armstrong @ Sibin Festival 2010
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Old 16-02-2011, 12:18 PM
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Old 22-02-2011, 06:14 PM
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So, not far away to Friday's gig, and to help get in tune even further with our headliner Perc, we ran a few questions by him which he duly answered: http://earwiggle.blogspot.com/2011/0...interview.html

We're also running a competition for free passes to Friday's gig with Perc, Smear and Giles. All you have to do is let us know the name of an artist, other than Perc, that releases on his label Perc Trax. One name will do. Mail us at earwiggle [at] gmail.com Winners will be notified by Thursday evening. Cheers!

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Old 25-02-2011, 06:55 AM
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Hi there,

Thanks for all of our competition entries, some very knowledgeable people out there!
All winners have now been notified. Well done again to you.
We had some questions re: advance tickets - so to confirm, there are no advance tickets, it's pay on the door.
We kick off at 10.30 tonight, and just so you know Perc plays live before Smear's dj set. Perc will be showing us where techno is at in 2011 from 12.15, so make sure you are in in good time!

As a parting shot check this recent Smear interview/mix and fantastic chart from Giles below.
Catch you later!

Smear: Anatomy 04

Giles Armstrong February chart:
Madrid Bizarre Beats - Ernie - Minuendo
I'm Com'in (Aybee Remix) - Jus Ed - Underground Quality
Put A Smile On Your Face - Woody McBride - Elektrax
Travellers (Mrsk Remix) - Anthony Shakir - Rush Hour
Crunch - Samuli Kemppi - M_Rec
Nature Makes A Mistake (Ame Remix) - Son Of Sam - Running Back
Kireru (Fran Hartnett Remix) - Djamel - Heavy Reel
Return to Dodge City - Deep Space Orchestra - ART
For the Funky (Arto Mwambe Remix) - Timos & Paris Liamis - Sonido
Caverns - Inigo Kennedy - Asymmetric
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