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Old 30-04-2015, 07:51 AM
DebsO'D DebsO'D is offline
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Default panel beating needed!

Hi guys I'm wondering where the best place to get panel beating done in cork?I hit some ice a couple of months ago and the ditch came out on top!The bumper is pushed in and it's pushing the rad onto the exhaust.the rad is now leaking so needs to be changed and the water bottle as it ended up on top of the wheel.as the bumper was hanging a bit it's secured at da mo wit cable ties so that needs to be fixed.there's a big dent in the bumper and a smaller one on the bonnet.
Of the six garages I've been to the prices I've gotten are no where near each other so I dunno which one is right!
Most of them also told me that the chassey is bent so needs to be pulled out wit a jig. A guy I know had a look at it last week and he said that's a pack of lies that it's not bent at all,that it's the panel in the middle that's bent and it could be pulled out wit ur hand.he's in the trade so I trust his word he says they are jus trying to hike up the price coz I wouldn't know any better! I'm starting to believe the stories bout women getting the piss taken out of them when they go to a garage!
I don't wanna spend a fortune coz I want to get rid of it but there's no chance of that the way it is but it's not even safe now wit the rad leaking
The car is a 2008 Nissan micra,any help or advice wud be really appreciated!
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Old 30-04-2015, 09:36 AM
slick fingers slick fingers is offline
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ya might be better off getting a rad and bumper in a scrap yard, cheapest and easiest fix
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